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By Julianna Glasser '16   |   Issue 143-24
“Not everyone has to like what I am wearing,” says Darienne Madlala, a sophomore pre-med and History major. ...Read More
By Brendan Hsu ’15   |   Issue 143-24
Suzie, a girl, meets Jon, a boy. Their orgasms stop time, and they begin using these powers to rob banks and save a local library. Sex criminals....Read More
By Marquez Cummings ’16   |   Issue 143-24
Ah, Netflix: the king of on-demand streaming. How many times has this website inexplicably caused you to dump hours and hours into binge-watching a T.V. show?...Read More
By Matt Randolph '16   |   Issue 143-23
What does it mean to be a man? It’s one of those questions that has comparable philosophical depth to questions about the meaning of life or true happiness....Read More


By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 143-24
Last Monday, the AAS voted on a motion to overturn the April 15 JC ruling regarding campaign expenditures....Read More
By Chico Kosber '17   |   Issue 143-24
I think that the most formative experience I’ve had so far as an international student was my time on AAS senate. In Cairo, there’s barely any form of student government present in school systems. For most schools in my hometown there’s none at all....Read More
By Joyce Wamala '18E   |   Issue 143-24
The current buzz on campus is predominantly regarding the controversial Judiciary Council ruling that was made after an election complaint that was filed on Thursday, April 10. ...Read More

Top News

By Sophie Murguia '17   |   Issue 143-24
Professors Rick López and Lyle McGeoch will assume positions as class deans starting July 1, President Martin announced last week....Read More
By Sitina Xu '16   |   Issue 143-24
This article is the fourth part in a four-part series about the core committees involved in this year’s strategic planning process. ...Read More
By Terry Lee '17   |   Issue 143-24
Professor Martin A. Medina Elizalde is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology. He holds a B.S. from the Univ. from Southern Baja California, a M.S. in Center of Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico and a Ph.D from the Univ. of California, Santa Barbara. ...Read More
By Judd Liebman '16   |   Issue 143-24
Pierre Joseph ’15 won $30,000 to go toward graduate school through the Truman Scholarship. The Truman Scholarship, created in 1975, aims to “support young Americans who are making a difference and become part of the future of public service leadership,” the Truman Scholarship website says....Read More
By AAS Candidates   |   Issue 143-24
Class of 2015...Read More
By Sophie Murguia '17   |   Issue 143-23
Six days after a complaint about campaign expenditures forced the Association of Amherst Students to delay the release of executive board election results, the Judiciary Council has voted to dismiss the complaint and uphold the results of last Tuesday’s runoff election....Read More


By Andrew Knox '16   |   Issue 143-24
Men Looking to defend their home track, the men’s track team competed in the Little Three Championships against rivals Williams and Wesleyan. The men capped off a strong day by finishing with 128 points — good enough for second place....Read More
By Chris Rigas '16   |   Issue 143-24
The fourth-ranked Amherst women’s tennis team made a statement on Saturday, knocking off first-ranked Williams by the convincing score of 7-2. The match was the culmination of the Jeffs’ undefeated week, which included four other wins — all against NESCAC opponents....Read More
By Greg Williams '16   |   Issue 143-24
The Amherst men’s lacrosse team had a stellar performance against their rival Ephs this past weekend. Williams, coming off a big win over seventh-ranked Tufts in their previous game, stepped onto the new Pratt Field last Friday night with hopes of continuing their success....Read More