Arts & Living

By Gabby Edzie '17   |   Issue 144-25
Senior English major Chris Tamasi recently finished his inventive senior project — a manuscript for a children’s book that touches on the impact of modern technology on childhood imagination....Read More
By Olivia Tarantino '15   |   Issue 144-25
Last week, Amherst hosted the annual Iron Chef competition in Valentine. I, along with three of my amazingly talented track teammates, had the chance to compete. The competition consisted of six teams of four who had been chosen at random from the many who entered....Read More
By Alexandra James '16   |   Issue 144-25
As a primary organizer for Amherst’s Spring Concert, I believe this year’s concert was an overall sucess. This year’s Spring Concert had a different setup from years past: two headliners, T-Pain and The Chainsmokers along with an opener, KYLE....Read More
By Sophie Currin '17   |   Issue 144-25
A highly affecting film, “Woman in Gold” reveals both the pain and joy inherent in reclaiming family heirlooms stolen during World War II. It’s a film that explores the inner battle of remembering a repressed past....Read More


By Various Authors   |   Issue 144-25
We want to clarify a misconception that some readers may have had after reading the letter by Amherst Hillel’s Executive Board in last week’s edition of The Student....Read More
By Mohamed Ramy '18   |   Issue 144-25
David Brooks recently wrote an article for the New York Times called “The Moral Bucket List.” In it, he describes coming across people who “see life as a moral drama and feel fulfilled only when they are enmeshed in a struggle on behalf of some ideal.” He concludes, “those are the people we want ...Read More
By Ukogu Adrian Obinna '18   |   Issue 144-25
It is common knowledge that Amherst College is plagued by a plethora of social issues. From loneliness to an acute lack of a sense of community, the problems that affect our campus may be small or great depending on who you ask....Read More

Top News

By Dan Ahn '17   |   Issue 144-25
Amherst will install gender-inclusive signs for single-occupancy bathrooms across campus, College Council and Facilities reported last week. The council, chaired by Professor of Religion Maria Heim, voted unanimously to approve new signs proposed by students....Read More
By Jake Pagano '18   |   Issue 144-25
The Amherst College Office of Institutional Research conducted an enrolled student survey this year which asked students about their academic and social experiences at the college....Read More
By Jingwen Zhang '18   |   Issue 144-25
Students in the Green Amherst Project have designed an Amherst College bike share program and are in the process of executing the program on campus. The bike share program, which is to be implemented by spring 2016, will be open to all Amherst students and available across the campus....Read More
By AAS Candidates   |   Issue 144-24
Judiciary Council...Read More
By Sophie Chung '17   |   Issue 144-24
Chief Communications Officer Pete Mackey announced recently that the college will launch a new website this summer with an updated layout and an increased focus on academics. ...Read More
By Ryan Cenek '18   |   Issue 144-24
Amherst students and members of the class of ’64 gathered at the Alumni House last Friday and Saturday for the Restore Our Democracy conference, the first event held by the Amherst Student-Alumni Organization....Read More


By Jeremy Kesselhaut '16   |   Issue 144-25
The No. 4 Amherst men’s tennis team has now won 10 straight matches, all by a score of at least 7-2 following impressive victories over No. 20 Bates (8-1) and No. 6 Middlebury (9-0) at home this weekend. ...Read More
By Drew Kiley '18   |   Issue 144-25
The Amherst College baseball team endured a rough weekend against NESCAC rival Wesleyan. Entering the series undefeated in NESCAC play, the Jeffs dropped all three games of their series at Wesleyan on Friday and Saturday....Read More
By Devin O'Connor '16   |   Issue 144-25
The top-seeded men’s lacrosse team will be hosting the NESCAC championship this weekend, following a stellar effort led by Chris Albanese ’17 and Quinn Moroney ’16 last Saturday. Albanese contributed six goals while Moroney tallied six assists in the 12-9 victory over Colby on April 25. ...Read More