Arts & Living

By Paola Garcia-Prieto ’18   |   Issue 147-10
“We are all Peer Gynt,” the actors chanted, some on stage, others surrounding the audience, all dressed in the signature red that coded them as the main character they all played....Read More
By Annika Lunstad ’21   |   Issue 147-10
Whether you’re returning home for Thanksgiving or not, there were certainly be plenty of downtime next week, and if you’re anything like me, part of this time will be spent catching up on all the shows that have fallen by the wayside as a result of endless piles of work....Read More
By Brandon Medina ’19   |   Issue 147-10
Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC) hosted its fall show this past weekend, and in it, the group once again exemplified how to combine style, agility and audience engagement in a performance piece. The theme for this show was “Old School vs....Read More
By Hugh Ford ’20   |   Issue 147-10
Since the release of his 2013 debut mixtape, “Unknown Death 2002,” Swedish alternative rapper Yung Lean has held an odd place in the hip-hop world. As a European, he started out as an outsider in the largely-American genre....Read More


By Galen Muskat ’18E   |   Issue 147-10
I remember 2 1/2 years ago, down to the very taste in my mouth and the angst and nausea that followed. And it was not even I who found myself suddenly threatened by a life-altering disease....Read More
By Lisa Zheutlin '21   |   Issue 147-10
This weekend, a friend from Wesleyan and I planned a trip out of our small, NESCAC liberal arts schools to visit a friend at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Big Ten school with around 30,000 undergraduate students. Unsurprisingly, it was a complete culture shock....Read More
By Jake May ’19   |   Issue 147-10
In May 2016, I saw Louis C.K. perform live for the second time in my life. But this article is not about Louis C.K. No, this article is about the comic who opened for him: Michelle Wolf. ...Read More

Top News

By Kathleen Maeder '20   |   Issue 147-10
Days after the announcement of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, introduced by the House Committee on Ways and Means on Nov. 2, the college publicized its concerns with various elements of the bill, including a proposed excise tax on some colleges’ endowments....Read More
By Emily Young '20   |   Issue 147-10
Dan Utech ’88, former deputy assistant to President Barack Obama for energy and climate change, spoke at the college on Wednesday, Nov. 8 about issues related to the state of climate change and potential policy solutions....Read More
By Natalie De Rosa '21   |   Issue 147-10
Krista Goebel ’18 is a psychology and English double major. Her thesis focuses on 8- to 10-year-old children and how they behave in response to the help they receive under different circumstances. Her advisor is Assistant Professor of Psychology Carolyn Palmquist. ...Read More
By Eddie Rego '19   |   Issue 147-9
The Women’s and Gender Center (WGC) has just implemented its “Talk Back” program after a pilot last year. ...Read More
By Natalie De Rosa '21   |   Issue 147-9
Award-winning professor and author Kwame Anthony Appiah gave a talk titled “How to Not Think About Race, Culture and Class” on Thursday, Nov. 2, in Stirn Auditorium, during which he discussed the origins of perceptions of race, culture and class and offered an alternative lens....Read More
By Emily Young '20   |   Issue 147-9
Jun Hee Cho is an assistant professor of history. He completed his undergraduate study in Western history and Asian history at Seoul National University in South Korea, and he holds a Master of Philosophy and a Ph.D. from Columbia University....Read More


By Delancey King '18   |   Issue 147-10
After a disappointing loss in the NESCAC quarterfinals, the Amherst men’s soccer team has seized upon the opportunity to redeem itself in the NCAA tournament. ...Read More
By Jamie Mazzola '21   |   Issue 147-10
November 3, 2017...Read More
By Henry Newton ’21   |   Issue 147-10
Coming off a season that saw the Amherst women’s squash team end the year ranked 18th nationally with a record of 13-7 overall and yet another College Squash Association Women’s National Team Walker Cup championship, the Mammoths are poised for another excellent campaign....Read More