Arts & Living

By Gabby Edzie '17   |   Issue 144-2
As summer comes to a close, the haunting gaze of British-bred FKA Twigs adorning her August-released “LP1” can be seen on the pages of pretty much every music blog — and rightfully so....Read More
By Yelim Youm '18   |   Issue 144-2
Last Sunday, the six a cappella groups of Amherst College combined their collective energies and talents to put on the first showcase of the year....Read More
By Claire Jia '15   |   Issue 144-2
I had two initial thoughts during the closing credits of Richard Linklater’s 2014 film, “Boyhood.” First, I reveled in the originality of the film, both in its lengthy 12-year production and in its superb execution....Read More
By Eleanor Andersen ’15   |   Issue 144-1
There is a story about James Taylor, a boy and his pig. The boy raises a pig named Kosher until she is too large to live in his house and he finds her a new home with James Taylor’s pig, Mona....Read More


By David Yang '18   |   Issue 144-2
Sweaty bodies and the grungy death wish appeal of the socials definitely have a home in the hearts of many Amherst students, but the Powerhouse brings new and exciting possibilities to the college’s social scene....Read More
By Elson Browne-Low '15   |   Issue 144-2
Let me put this question to you, Amherst: did you come to the College to buy an education or to collectively build one? I believe that this captures much of what is wrong at Amherst, of the disease that is driving the tension between the administration, Board of Trustees and students....Read More
By Mohamed Ramy '18   |   Issue 144-2
“The food is edible.” “I just think it’s a step-up from my high school cafeteria, but it’s definitely a step-down from household food.” “It’s satisfactory.”...Read More

Top News

By Sitina Xu '16   |   Issue 144-2
Washington Post journalist and best-selling author Bob Woodward spoke to a full house inside Johnson Chapel on Tuesday night. Woodward spoke about Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and other presidents in a talk entitled “Presidential Leadership from Nixon to Obama.”...Read More
By Sophie Chung ’17   |   Issue 144-2
Last week the college announced several staffing changes within the Office of Student Affairs. ...Read More
By Ricky Choi '18   |   Issue 144-2
The Association of Amherst Students announced this week that a new round of presidential elections will take place on Thursday, Sept. 25. ...Read More
By Sophie Murguia '17   |   Issue 144-1
Following the trustees’ decision to ban underground fraternities, a group of students and administrators has been exploring ways to create alternative social groups on campus....Read More
By Jessie Kaliski '15   |   Issue 144-1
In two years, Amherst will welcome the addition of four new dorms: the Greenway Residence Halls. ...Read More
By Emmett Knowlton '15   |   Issue 144-1
The strategic planning steering committee continued to make strides this summer, meeting in July for a retreat to review feedback, further define goals and prepare for the 2014-2015 academic year....Read More


By Greg Williams '16   |   Issue 144-2
The men’s golf team opened up their season this past weekend at the Trinity Invitational, where they finished in 10th out of 13 teams....Read More
By Holly Burwick '16   |   Issue 144-2
Replicating the start of last season, the Amherst women’s cross country team took first place at the Smith Invitational on Saturday. In the 196-runner field, the Jeffs’ top seven finishers were all in the top-25, securing Amherst’s first place finish with 42 points....Read More
By Kiana Herold '17   |   Issue 144-2
The 2014 U.S. Open held some unbelievable competition for both the men and women. This year’s high-quality matches included a historic victory for Serena Williams, as she claimed her 18th Grand Slam title....Read More