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By Jake Walters '14   |   Issue 143-26
So here it is, huh? Almost four long years ago I donned my writer’s cap for The Student for the first time. Now that I’m graduating, I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately. I decided to look back on some of my first reviews for The Student....Read More
By Angie Tissi-Gassoway   |   Issue 143-26
As the year comes to an end and we start to finally slow down, it is bittersweet to be writing our last Queeriosity article for the year. This year has been one to remember for the Queer Resource Center and Pride Alliance....Read More
By Ellie Andersen ‘15   |   Issue 143-26
We all represent Amherst in our own way. Some of us compete in debates or crew regattas, and others in NESCAC matches or writing competitions. As we apply to graduate schools, fellowships and jobs, we do so proudly bearing the Amherst name....Read More
By Marquez Cummings ‘16   |   Issue 143-26
As the internet will tell you, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” has been subject to some pretty polarized reviews. Many critics have praised the film for a great cast, amazing effects and exciting fight scenes, but others have pointed out some detrimental flaws....Read More


By Delta Kappa Epsilon at Amherst   |   Issue 143-26
We ask our fellow members of the Amherst community to stand with us in opposition to yesterday’s resolution regarding fraternities. We are not against the fundamental spirit of the Board of Trustees’ decision....Read More
By Robert Lucido ’15   |   Issue 143-26
America has a sweet tooth. Today, the average American consumes 3,550 pounds of sugar — the equivalent of 1,767,900 Skittles — over his or her lifetime....Read More
By Noah Gordon ’14   |   Issue 143-26
Noah Gordon ’14 writes in response to the 4/25 JC ruling and the current state of the AAS....Read More

Top News

By Margaret Kiley '16   |   Issue 143-27
When questioned about her plans for the future, Amherst women’s ice hockey player Avery Stone offered, “I want to help other people convey their stories in a way that resonates with people no matter what the subject.” ...Read More
By Sophie Murguia '17   |   Issue 143-27
August...Read More
By Clarice Carmichael '16   |   Issue 143-27
I’ve spent the past three years admiring Kim Bain from a distance. Literally from a distance, as in straining my neck over a frenzied audience to see her dominate a DASAC show or watching her TA from the back of my 80-person English class. She’s kind of a big deal....Read More
By Marie Lambert '15   |   Issue 143-27
One would be hard-pressed to find someone on campus who hasn’t heard Liya Rechtman’s name or a facet of Amherst life that she hasn’t touched....Read More
By Sophie Murguia '17   |   Issue 143-27
It was a drizzly May morning in Beneski, and Matt DeButts was one of many seniors basking in post-thesis glory, enjoying the brief respite between the due date for his law, jurisprudence and social thought thesis and the onset of finals....Read More
By Thomas Kleyn '16   |   Issue 143-27
Conquering adversity is always a part of life for athletes. The greatest players in sports have an extraordinary ability to motivate themselves, overcome obstacles and capitalize upon every opportunity that comes their way. Div....Read More


By Nicole Yang '16   |   Issue 143-27
Baseball...Read More
By Nicole Yang '16   |   Issue 143-27
Women’s Basketball...Read More
By Nicole Yang '16   |   Issue 143-27
Field Hockey Riding a 12-game win streak into the NESCAC tournament, the field hockey team’s unbeaten stretch was snapped by Middlebury in the 59th minute of the conference semifinals, halting their postseason run earlier than they had both expected and hoped....Read More