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By Social Club Work Group   |   Issue 144-12
Over the past few weeks there has been a great amount of discussion about establishing social groups on campus. There are some students who have become immediately drawn to this idea and others who are opposed, but almost everyone has been eager to learn more and offer feedback....Read More
By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144 - 12
Q: What program/what city are you participating in and what are you studying?...Read More
By Evan Paul '18   |   Issue 144-12
Since the release of their eponymous debut under RCA records in 2012, Walk the Moon has been on the radar of fans of indie pop and dance-rock alike. The band has enjoyed a considerable amount of success so far with both their independently-released album “I Want!...Read More
By Claire Jia '15   |   Issue 144-12
James Marsh’s “The Theory of Everything” is part love story and part biopic, but sadly doesn’t highlight enough of either....Read More


By Robert Lucido ’15   |   Issue 144-12
The AAS constitution needs a comprehensive non-discrimination clause. Sign the petition to ensure that illicit discrimination has no place at Amherst College....Read More
By Darrian Kelly '15   |   Issue 144-12
Darrian Kelly no longer has any affiliation with the Amherst College chapter of To Write Love On Her Arms. ...Read More
By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 144-12
It’s hard not to feel empowered and inspired by Amherst students lately....Read More

Top News

By Elaine Jeon '17   |   Issue 144-12
A group of four students recently started Amherst Women in Finance, Economics and STEM, a club for female students interested in or already pursuing a degree in quantitative fields. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math....Read More
By Sitina Xu '16   |   Issue 144 - 12
The college’s Counseling Center launched a 24-hour hotline in late October to make around-the-clock mental health service accessible to students....Read More
By Ricky Choi '18   |   Issue 144-12
Several hundred people gathered in the Powerhouse on Saturday, Dec. 6 for La Causa’s 17th annual Voices for the Voiceless spoken word event, New England’s largest spoken word concert. ...Read More
By Nolan Lindquist '18   |   Issue 144 - 12
Stephanie Turnullo ’15 is writing an interdisciplinary senior thesis that compares attitudes towards the welfare state in Spain, Sweden and the United States....Read More
By Ryan Cenek '18   |   Issue 144-11
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jonathan Obert received his bachelor’s degree in history and social science from Wheaton College and his master’s degree in social science and doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago....Read More
By Ricky Choi '18   |   Issue 144-11
A panel of experts examined how a carbon fee and rebate system could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen Massachusetts’ economy on Thursday, Nov. 20 in Johnson Chapel....Read More


By Nell Patterson '15   |   Issue 144-12
The women’s hockey team was dealt its first loss and tie this weekend to bring its season record to 5-1-1. The Jeffs faced two non-conference opponents this weekend in No. 3 Norwich and Manhattanville....Read More
By Jason Darell '18   |   Issue 144-12
While the NBA season is still very young, there have already been a worrying amount of injuries. Russell Westbrook: Broken finger; Julius Randle: broken leg; Marcus Smart: sprained ankle and bone bruise … the list goes on and on....Read More
By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144-12
Men...Read More