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By Hugh Ford ’20   |   Issue 146-26
Frank Ocean is known as one of the most frustratingly reclusive artists today. After releasing the critically-acclaimed “Channel Orange” in 2012, the Odd Future singer quickly became one of the biggest names in R&B. Fans anticipated a second album after an announcement from Ocean in 2013....Read More
By Youngkwang Shin ’19   |   Issue 146-26
The kind of films shown in smaller local movie theaters such as Amherst Cinema possess a unique and identifiable mood to them. True, there is remarkable diversity in both content and origin not found in the box offices, but such an abundance of life is communicated in an equally rarified manner....Read More
By Paola Garcia-Prieto '18   |   Issue 146-26
The recently-founded Reproduction Justice Aliance is organizing a 5K trail run or walk here at Amherst to raise funds for the “Prison Birth Project.” The PBP, based in Holyoke, supports and educates formerly incarcerated mothers and “trans*” parents about reproductive justice and community organi...Read More
By Julia Pretsfelder '18   |   Issue 146-26
I sat down with Helena Burgueño ’19 who organized the Amherst ChalkWalk — an artistic, community-wide event taking place on downtown Amherst sidewalks this Saturday, April 29. ...Read More


By Jake May ’19   |   Issue 146-26
My sister is a junior in high school, which means that this spring, she has begun the “College Process.” She’s been visiting many schools around the country and beginning to think about which ones she wants to apply to next fall. This process should be one of excitement, and to a degree, it is....Read More
By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 146-26
As we approach the end of the year, the campus seems to be brimming with nostalgia. Suddenly, the weather is nice again and we remember what it’s like to be here on the really good days. Commencement approaches and the “end” calls us to turn around and look backward....Read More
By Nancy Nzeyimana Cyizere '17   |   Issue 146-26, By Brian Z. Zayatz '18   |   Issue 146-26
Labor isn’t pretty. Amherst College is pretty — especially as it prepares to host the families of its graduating seniors, who will undoubtedly remember the beauty of the commencement ceremony, the speeches and campus aesthetics for a long time....Read More

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By Julia Pretsfelder '18   |   Issue 146-27, By Spencer Quong '18   |   Issue 146-27, By Jingwen Zhang '18   |   Issue 146-27
Fulbright Scholarships ...Read More
By Brandon Medina '19   |   Issue 146-27
Rashid ‘Chico’ Kosber has always been committed to helping people in need, and this quality is evident to everyone who meets him. No matter where Kosber is, whether at an intense late-night study session in Merrill or just walking around campus, he is always there with a genuine smile. ...Read More
By Emma Swislow '20   |   Issue 146-27
Sophie Murguia isn’t usually on this side of an interview. “I’m so nervous right now,” she said. ...Read More
By Paola Garcia-Prieto '18   |   Issue 146-27
Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS) superhero, Charles Pratt resident counselor (RC), neuroscientist, rat whisperer, writer and one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet, Ruben Valera stands tall at Amherst....Read More
By Claire Dennis '20   |   Issue 146-27
Whether she is caring for a group of eager first years or leading the entire student body, Karen Blake always acts with bravery, poise and an infectious smile....Read More
By Drew Kiley ’18   |   Issue 146-27
On campus, I have heard Yen Nhi Truong Vu described as a “math god.” And why not? As an undergraduate, Truong Vu plowed through the core of Amherst’s mathematics major in four semesters before studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology....Read More


By Veronica Rocco '19   |   Issue 146-27
Men’s Basketball...Read More
By Nate Quigley '19 and Veronica Rocco '19   |   Issue 146-27
Men’s Cross Country...Read More
By Julia Turner '19 and Veronica Rocco '19   |   Issue 146-27
Baseball...Read More