Arts & Living

By Gabby Edzie '17   |   Issue 144-5
It’s impossible to regret my first trek to Marsh after experiencing the magic that is The New Rockwells. The Amherst collaboration debuted with infectious energy at this year’s first Coffee Haus, and has since gained a notable fan base....Read More
By Darya Bor '18   |   Issue 144-5
The Amherst Symphony Orchestra opened its season on Saturday, Sept. 27 with a fresh and inspiring performance. The season preview concert, dedicated to the Amherst class of 2018, was titled “Vienna: City of Music, City of Dreams” and directed by Mark Swanson....Read More
By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144-5
Q: What program/what city are you participating in, and what are you studying? A: I’m at King’s College in London. While I’m here, I’m taking a math class, ethics, Greek philosophy and a European history course....Read More
By Katie Warshaw ’16   |   Issue 144-5
Valentine Dining Hall can be a really scary place....Read More


By Jake Pagano '18   |   Issue 144-5
The decision to institute bystander training as part of first-year orientation is, I think, a good one....Read More
By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 144-5
Room draw has always been a nightmare. Every year hearts are broken, years-long friendships are ended in a flood of tears and you walk out disappointed and full of CVS candy. The general disappointment and frustration with Residential Life is nothing new for the student body....Read More
By Mohammed Ramy '18   |   Issue 144-5
Before visiting New York for the first time, my memory was filled with a deluge of images from “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother,” both sitcoms that are set in New York....Read More

Top News

By Dan Ahn '17 & Ricky Choi '18   |   Issue 144-5
Over the summer, the college relocated all of the books and documents on the second floor of Frost Library. This is the first on-the-ground step in the college’s Humanities Center project, which was approved by faculty in the spring of 2014....Read More
By Ryan Cenek '18   |   Issue 144-5
After none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections, the Association of Amherst Students Elections Committee announced that a runoff election will be held on Thursday, Oct. 2. ...Read More
By AAS Candidates   |   Issue 144-5
Areej Hasan ’18 ...Read More
By Elaine Jeon '17   |   Issue 144-5
Q: What is your thesis about?...Read More
By Dan Ahn '17 & Sitina Xu '16   |   Issue 144-4
The Office of Student Affairs announced on Sept. 11 that another student has been expelled from the college for committing sexual assault. This marks the second expulsion for sexual assault since the introduction of a new sexual misconduct policy in spring 2013....Read More
By Eli Mansbach ’18   |   Issue 144-4
In the wake of controversies surrounding last spring’s presidential elections, a group of Amherst senators is reviewing the Association of Amherst Students constitution and attempting to clarify its gray areas....Read More


By Nicole Yang '16   |   Issue 144-5
Several members of the Amherst men’s tennis team traveled to Middlebury this past weekend to compete in the 2014 USTA/ITA Regional Championships....Read More
By Dave Cunningham '16   |   Issue 144-5
I often find it comical, and occasionally somewhat childish how I obtain inspiration for these articles. Why did I write about Red Sox nation last year?...Read More
By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144-5
The women’s tennis team kicked off their fall season at the 2014 USTA/ITA New England Regional Championships this weekend at Williams College. Sue Ghosh ’16 and first-year Vickie Ip led the Lady Jeffs, seeded eighth and ninth, respectively. ...Read More