Arts & Living

By Ellie Andersen '15   |   Issue 144-7
What began as a night of drinks became an evening of thin- crust pizza, chickpea fries and good beer. In the fading heat of a Saturday afternoon, my friends and I met at the Lord Jeff for drinks and appetizers....Read More
By Liz Mardeusz '16   |   Issue 144-7
The Common, published biannually, is an Amherst College-based literary journal intended to challenge and broaden the reader’s sense of time and place....Read More
By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144-7
Q: What program/what city are you participating in and what are you studying?...Read More
By Darya Bor '18   |   Issue 144-7
The Mead Art Museum showcased two of its newest exhibitions on Oct....Read More


By Department of Black Studies   |   Issue 144-8
We in the Department of Black Studies were extremely dismayed to learn that posters reading #BlackLivesMatter were torn down or postered over this past weekend....Read More
By Saren Deardorff '17   |   Issue 144-7
As my first year at Amherst was coming to its end, I began to reflect on my first-year experience in the Amherst community. More specifically, I thought about how much Amherst’s queer community had influenced me to grow and accept my identity....Read More
By Andrew Lindsay ’16   |   Issue 144-7
When I was around 15 or 16 years old, I witnessed an extrajudicial killing by Jamaican policemen outside my mother’s workplace. A black man was running from the police and attempted to scale the wall leading to the entrance of the premises....Read More

Top News

By Dan Ahn '17   |   Issue 144-7
Faculty and staff filled the Cole Assembly Room in Converse for the second faculty meeting of the year. President Martin opened with her remarks to the faculty, describing her recent trip to East Asia....Read More
By Eli Mansbach ’18   |   Issue 144-7
The Office of Admission invited seven students identifying as Native American, Native Hawaiian or Native Alaskan to participate in the newly-created Native outreach programs as part of this past weekend ’s Diversity Open House (DIVOH). ...Read More
By Jacob Pagano '18   |   Issue 144-7
This week the newly formed student group Black Lives Matter launched its first campaign to raise awareness and facilitate conversations about issues relating to police brutality. ...Read More
By Ryan Cenek '18   |   Issue 144-6
Amherst College President Biddy Martin returned to campus Friday after an extended trip to East Asia as part of the college’s effort to expand its reach in China and Korea. Martin arrived in Beijing on Monday, Sept. 22, before traveling to Hong Kong on Sept. 26 and Seoul on Sept. 30....Read More
By Keren Yi '18   |   Issue 144-6
Valentine Dining Hall began projects over this summer to increase local produce sourcing and sustainability. One such project involves increasing the dining hall’s partnership with Amherst’s Book & Plow Farm....Read More
By Eli Mansbach ’18   |   Issue 144-6
Daryl Haggard grew up in New Mexico and attended St. John’s College, where she received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She spent a year in China and worked in Silicon Valley before pursuing a degree in academia....Read More


By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144-7
Women’s tennis suffered its first loss to Williams in its first dual-match opener 5-4 Saturday, Oct. 11. Coming off of last spring’s season as national runner-ups, starting off the season 0-1 is tough for the Lady Jeffs. ...Read More
By Lauren Tuiskula '17   |   Issue 144-7
The Amherst College field hockey team continues to move up the national rankings, winning their last three games and extending their win streak to nine straight .The team picked up two NESCAC victories and one non-conference win over last two weeks....Read More
By Nicole Yang '16   |   Issue 144-7
The Amherst men’s tennis team spent their Fall Break on a road trip, traveling to face top-tier opponents, seventh-ranked Johns Hopkins and ninth-ranked Carnegie Mellon, for their first dual matches of the fall....Read More