Arts & Living

By Beselot Birhanu ’17   |   Issue 144-6
As the October chill sets in and the leaves turn all kinds of vibrant hues, it’s clear that fall is upon us. As temperatures drop, dig out your favorite old blanket, stock up on packets of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, and find a friend to keep you warm....Read More
By Claire Jia '15   |   Issue 144-6
Amy Dunne is gone before we ever meet her in “Gone Girl,” initiating a frenzied witch-hunt where all fingers point at her husband, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck). The film, directed by David Fincher, is a faithful adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel of the same name....Read More
By Evan Paul '18   |   Issue 144-6
Capitalizing off of his highly successful 2013 horror film, “The Conjuring,” prolific Australian producer, writer and director James Wan (writer, producer or director for all of the “Saw” franchise films, the “Insidious” series, “Fast &Furious 7,” and more films) provides a compelling prequel...Read More
By Gabby Edzie '17   |   Issue 144-5
It’s impossible to regret my first trek to Marsh after experiencing the magic that is The New Rockwells. The Amherst collaboration debuted with infectious energy at this year’s first Coffee Haus, and has since gained a notable fan base....Read More


By Josephine Carroll '18   |   Issue 144-6
Until middle school I wasn’t aware that people could identify as anything other than heterosexual. Freshman year of high school was when I first met other people who were open about their sexualities, and when I began to realize that it wasn’t a bad thing....Read More
By Andrew Smith '18   |   Issue 144-6
There has been more than a century of continuous fighting in the Middle East between Israelis and Arabs. Over time, numerous attempts at reaching a peaceful resolution have been made and always resulted in failure. Currently, the proposition for peace focuses on the idea of a two-state solution....Read More
By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 144-6
Because of our open curriculum, diversity of extracurricular activities and number of athletic teams, Amherst students sometimes don’t have a lot in common. In many ways, we’re a community of communities. But one thing that is universal among us is Val....Read More

Top News

By Ryan Cenek '18   |   Issue 144-6
Amherst College President Biddy Martin returned to campus Friday after an extended trip to East Asia as part of the college’s effort to expand its reach in China and Korea. Martin arrived in Beijing on Monday, Sept. 22, before traveling to Hong Kong on Sept. 26 and Seoul on Sept. 30....Read More
By Keren Yi '18   |   Issue 144-6
Valentine Dining Hall began projects over this summer to increase local produce sourcing and sustainability. One such project involves increasing the dining hall’s partnership with Amherst’s Book & Plow Farm....Read More
By Eli Mansbach ’18   |   Issue 144-6
Daryl Haggard grew up in New Mexico and attended St. John’s College, where she received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She spent a year in China and worked in Silicon Valley before pursuing a degree in academia....Read More
By Dan Ahn '17 & Ricky Choi '18   |   Issue 144-5
Over the summer, the college relocated all of the books and documents on the second floor of Frost Library. This is the first on-the-ground step in the college’s Humanities Center project, which was approved by faculty in the spring of 2014....Read More
By Ryan Cenek '18   |   Issue 144-5
After none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections, the Association of Amherst Students Elections Committee announced that a runoff election will be held on Thursday, Oct. 2. ...Read More
By AAS Candidates   |   Issue 144-5
Areej Hasan ’18 ...Read More


By Andy Knox '16   |   Issue 144-6
Following a fantastic showing at the Middlebury Invitational at the end of September, the Jeffs looked to continue their strong season at the Williams Fall Classic. The Classic is held at the Williams College golf course where Amherst has found success in the past....Read More
By Virginia Hassell '16   |   Issue 144-6
The unpleasant downpour at Hitchcock Field was not enough to keep the women’s soccer team from shining brightly in Saturday’s contest against Hamilton....Read More
By Andy Knox '16   |   Issue 144-6
The Amherst Yo-Ho Penguins participated in a tournament at Williams this past weekend. The team was coming off a 4-0 home stand that put the Yo-Hos at the top of their division....Read More