Arts & Living

By Teresa Frenzel '17   |   Issue 144-8
After my freshman year of college, I was right back to lying on the carpet of my best friend’s room, catching up on everything we’d missed for the past six months. My best friend said, “I guess I had sex with two guys over the year. Well, sort of three, but the last one doesn’t count.”...Read More
By Evan Paul '18   |   Issue 144-8
Richard Beban lives full-time in Paris, France. He photographs and co-edits “Paris Play,” an online journal about Parisian street art written and co-edited by his wife, Kaaren Kitchell. He specializes in digital street photography and is also an accomplished poet and journalist. On Oct....Read More
By Claire Jia '15   |   Issue 144-8
“Can we have a movie with characters instead of stereotypes?” Echoing a question posed by his protagonist, director Justin Simien challenges the American public — and himself — to answer this question with his film “Dear White People,” released Oct. 17....Read More
By Ellie Andersen '15   |   Issue 144-7
What began as a night of drinks became an evening of thin- crust pizza, chickpea fries and good beer. In the fading heat of a Saturday afternoon, my friends and I met at the Lord Jeff for drinks and appetizers....Read More


By Various Authors   |   Issue 144-8
This letter was sent by 22 senior professors to President Biddy Martin and Cullen Murphy ‘74, the chair of the Board of Trustees, urging the college to divest from fossil fuels. Dear Biddy and Cullen,...Read More
By Juan Gabriel Delgado Montes '16   |   Issue 144-8
Dear students, I am writing to you in an effort to re-imagine how the AAS interacts with student organizations and the student body as a whole. I want to build our relationships based on more than just funding student events. However, I will need your help....Read More
By Julia Pretsfelder '18 and David Yang '18   |   Issue 144-8
The idea of admitting women to Amherst once faced bitter opposition from alumni, sharply divided the Board of Trustees and caused heated debates among the faculty and the student body. The matter was settled 40 years ago when Amherst opened its doors to women....Read More

Top News

By Nolan Lindquist '18   |   Issue 144-8
The college announced on Oct. 21 that the new Amherst Campus app is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. Since the announcement, the app has been downloaded more than 700 times....Read More
By Dan Ahn '17   |   Issue 144-8
Earlier this semester, the Consortium Assault Services App, or CASA, was released to students in the Five College Consortium....Read More
By Elaine Jeon '17   |   Issue 144-8
Laura Draucker started work as the college’s first ever director of environmental sustainability this month, leading the recently founded Office of Environmental Sustainability....Read More
By Dan Ahn '17   |   Issue 144-7
Faculty and staff filled the Cole Assembly Room in Converse for the second faculty meeting of the year. President Martin opened with her remarks to the faculty, describing her recent trip to East Asia....Read More
By Eli Mansbach ’18   |   Issue 144-7
The Office of Admission invited seven students identifying as Native American, Native Hawaiian or Native Alaskan to participate in the newly-created Native outreach programs as part of this past weekend ’s Diversity Open House (DIVOH). ...Read More


By Katie Paolano '16   |   Issue 144-8
On Friday, Oct. 24, the men’s lacrosse team ran nearly 16 miles up and down the “Seven Sisters” mountain range to help raise money and awareness for Students Bridging The Information Gap (SBIG)....Read More
By Andy Knox '16   |   Issue 144-8
Forty years ago, a former high school All-American from St. Louis landed at Amherst and, among the preppy New England crowd, felt like a fish out of water....Read More
By Dave Cunningham '16   |   Issue 144-8
Injuries are inherent in sport. How do our responses to injuries shape our identity as athletes. Papa Cunny delivers yet again exploring both sides of the argument and also sharing an intense personal experience. ...Read More