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By René Kooiker '18   |   Issue 144-26
“And I don’t know where to begin,” Sufjan Stevens sings in the first verse of “Carrie & Lowell,” his seventh studio album. He has taken on quite a daunting task: to honor the few remaining memories he has of his mother Carrie....Read More
By Hannah Krueger '17   |   Issue 144-26
Here in Amherst, the weather is just starting to warm up, and summer is just around the corner. And with summer comes a slew of music festivals across the nation....Read More
By Claire Jia '15   |   Issue 144-26
Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz make a powerful, understated trio in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” directed by Olivier Assayas....Read More
By Paola Garcia-Prieto '18   |   Issue 144-26
“Avengers: Age of Ultron” was released on May 1 and made close to $200 million in its opening weekend alone. The sequel to Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” has been long awaited, but does it live up to its predecessor?...Read More


By Isa Goldberg '17   |   Issue 144-26
For peace to arrive in the Middle East, it must be preceded by humanization. Nobody is doing more on that front than Sayed Kashua....Read More
By Samuel Rosenblum ‘16   |   Issue 144-26
When I applied to join the Social Project Work Group as one of six at-large members appointed by the AAS senate, I was adamant about my antagonistic role. Social clubs, as they had been proposed, would have to be defeated. If not, they would need to be fundamentally transformed....Read More
By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 144-26
Amherst is often called apolitical. Unlike our counterparts at Wesleyan, Middlebury or Swarthmore, Amherst students are seen as far too busy with academics to engage with the world outside the Pioneer Valley....Read More

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By Julia Pretsfelder '18   |   Issue 144-27
Caroline Katba’s distinctive style had caught my eye in passing the many times I had seen her smoking a cigarette and holding intent conversations on the sunlit benches in front of Frost. ...Read More
By JinJin Xu '17   |   Issue 144-27
It was a Thursday night, and the room in the Octagon was softly lit with strings of Christmas lights. The long wooden tables, pieced together during the day, were spread at various angles around the room, covered with tablecloths and plates of cheese....Read More
By Dan Ahn '17   |   Issue 144-27
“Ethan Corey” is one of those unmistakable, larger-than-life names at Amherst. It is placed right at the top of fiery opinion articles and murmured among friends whenever something unsavory might be afoot on campus....Read More
By Sophie Murguia '17   |   Issue 144-27
Midway through my interview with Melih Levi, he stopped the conversation to read me a quotation by Elizabeth Bruss. Levi recently received the English department’s prestigious Bruss Prize, an award established in memory of a beloved Amherst English professor....Read More
By Elaine Jeon '17   |   Issue 144-27
I’ve stared at a blank word document for the past five days, stumped by how to frame Bryce Monroe’s life with a limited number of words while still doing justice to such an exceptional person....Read More
By Johnathan Appel '16   |   Issue 144-27
When I first saw Ricky Altieri’s Facebook status on the morning of April 22, announcing that he would be making a toast that in the back room of Valentine Dining Hall that evening, I thought he was kidding....Read More


By Lauren Tuiskula '17   |   Issue 144-27
Men’s Cross Country...Read More
By Lauren Tuiskula '17   |   Issue 144-27
Men’s Basketball Coming off an appearance in the NCAA Division III Final Four, the Jeffs once again made the NCAA tournament this season, but this time fell in the second round of competition. ...Read More
By Lauren Tuiskula '17   |   Issue 144-27
Baseball...Read More