Arts & Living

By Annika Lunstad ’21   |   Issue 147-20
Classical music concerts often seem inaccessible to those who haven’t spent many evenings discussing Mozart, and wine-and-cheese pairings are often considered boring. However, the Centennial Tribute to Leonard Bernstein on Saturday, March 3, was utterly different....Read More
By Mohamed Ramy ’18   |   Issue 147-20
I never thought I would hear Arabic in Amherst Cinema. ...Read More
By Hugh Ford ’20   |   Issue 147-20
Although the album “No Dogs Allowed” by Sidney Gish debuted on the last day of 2017, it merits a review even months after its release. Sidney Gish is a 20-year-old student at Northeastern University in Boston, and she has a penchant for songwriting well beyond her years....Read More
By Esther Song '21   |   Issue 147-20
Amherst is a great little town. Nice restaurants, friendly people, fresh air, squirrels, trees, rocks ... Really, when Amherst promised us the best of all seasons with plenty of snow, amazing fall colors and lush green spring leading to summers spent outdoors, it wasn’t joking around....Read More


By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 147-20
Success is one of those words that, like love, hate or freedom, means something very different who, when and where you ask....Read More
By Jake May '19   |   Issue 147-20
Spring break is supposed to be a fun and relaxing week, where students can unwind and rest before the final weeks of the academic year. For the first few days of my spring break, this was the case. However, on Wednesday, my phone decided that it did not want to work anymore....Read More
By Olivia Gieger '21   |   Issue 147-20
I’ve always been keenly aware of my gender and the consequences it carries: I know that white women earn 80 percent of what men in the same position make (with women of color earning even less) and need to work harder and longer to receive promotions, and I know that one in three women experience...Read More

Top News

By Isabel Tessier '19   |   Issue 147-20
Andrew Dorogi ’18, an economics major and varsity football player from Cleveland, Ohio, died on Friday, March 16. President Biddy Martin announced his death in an email to the college community on Sunday, March 18. ...Read More
By Kathleen Maeder '20   |   Issue 147-20
Professor of Physics David Hall ’91, working with a team of recent physics graduates, has published a paper about his recent discovery of a three-dimensional skyrmion in an experiment with unusual electromagnetic-like properties....Read More
By Emma Swislow '20   |   Issue 147-20
Since the #MeToo movement moved to the forefront of national conversation last October, a vast number of people, mostly women, have come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment and assault by people in positions of power....Read More
By Emily Young '20   |   Issue 147-20
Brendan Seto ’18 is a statistics major. His thesis focuses on causal inference. His thesis advisor is Professor of Statistics Nicholas Horton....Read More
By Claire Dennis '20   |   Issue 147-19
Ashwin Ravikumar is an assistant professor of environmental studies. He holds a B.S. in molecular environmental biology and ecology from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as an M.S. in environmental studies and a Ph.D....Read More
By Emma Swislow '20   |   Issue 147-19
National Book Award finalists Min Jin Lee and Carmen Maria Machado spoke at Amherst on March 1 as part of Lit Fest, a three-day literary festival sponsored by Amherst College-affilitated literary magazine The Common, the Emily Dickinson Museum and the Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI)....Read More


By Connor Haugh '21   |   Issue 147-20
The Mammoths began their spring break campaign in a NESCAC matchup with Bowdoin. The Mammoths were ranked just ahead of the Polar Bears, who sat at No. 21 in national polls. ...Read More
By Michael Stone ’21   |   Issue 147-20
Over spring break, the Amherst softball team travelled to Clermont, Florida to compete in The Spring Games, the country’s largest college softball event....Read More
By Arnav Parhik '21   |   Issue 147-20
Away from the blizzards and sub-freezing temperatures that have tormented the northeast for the past few weeks, the Amherst women’s tennis team kicked off its spring campaign in the California sunshine over spring break. ...Read More