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By Carolina Carriazo ’18   |   Issue 147-19
This past Thursday, Amherst kicked off the third annual LitFest with one of the more exciting events in the weekend lineup: the Poetry Slam. The midweek slump didn’t seem to discourage the audience, which filed in by the dozens....Read More
By Milan Loewer '21   |   Issue 147-19
In recent years, the film industry and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences itself have grown progressively more political, a change which has manifested itself in positive ways (this year the Oscars were perhaps #marginallylesswhite)....Read More
By Youngkwang Shin ’19   |   Issue 147-19
The 90th Academy Awards concluded in an anticlimax that strangely did not fit such an eventful year in both film and world events....Read More
By Olivia Luntz ’21   |   Issue 147-19
“The Power” by Naomi Alderman ...Read More


By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 147-19
At this year’s LitFest, Junot Díaz started his talk with a reading from his nonfiction essay “Money,” which discusses remittances, a part of the immigrant experience that isn’t discussed often....Read More
By Lisa Zheutlin ’21   |   Issue 147-19
The most recent mass shooting, and it’s tragic that I even need to say “most recent,” was close to home — literally. Stoneman Douglas is 20 minutes away from my high school; we competed against them in sports....Read More
By Kirstin Henry ’20   |   Issue 147-19
It is a truth universally acknowledged that college students consume illegal substances. I do not know what percentage of our student body smoke marijuana (or eat, for those who prefer edibles) but I know that it’s more than zero percent. I would even wager that it’s more than 40 percent....Read More

Top News

By Claire Dennis '20   |   Issue 147-19
Ashwin Ravikumar is an assistant professor of environmental studies. He holds a B.S. in molecular environmental biology and ecology from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as an M.S. in environmental studies and a Ph.D....Read More
By Emma Swislow '20   |   Issue 147-19
National Book Award finalists Min Jin Lee and Carmen Maria Machado spoke at Amherst on March 1 as part of Lit Fest, a three-day literary festival sponsored by Amherst College-affilitated literary magazine The Common, the Emily Dickinson Museum and the Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI)....Read More
By Kathleen Maeder '20   |   Issue 147-19
The tendency for residential counselors (RCs) to underspend their budgets, coupled with a lack of clear communication to RCs on Residential Life policies, have raised concerns among some RCs about the Office of Residential Life’s lack of transparency....Read More
By Sehee Park '20   |   Issue 147-19
The Budgetary Committee (BC) announced a policy change that would open up funding for both on-campus and off-campus activities over break on Dec. 2, 2017. Off-campus activities, however, would not be eligible for funding related to accommodations, transportation or food....Read More
By Claire Dennis '20   |   Issue 147-18
Sydney Tate is an English major. Her creative writing thesis combines poetry and prose to explore the development of her identity. Her thesis advisor is Writer-in-Residence Daniel J. Hall....Read More
By Emily Young '20   |   Issue 147-18
The Amherst College Belonging Committee released the Strategic Plan to Increase Belonging that will be shared with the Amherst community on Wednesday Feb. 28....Read More


By Matthew Sparrow ’21   |   Issue 147-19
This past weekend, Amherst sent its two top divers to Middlebury to compete at the NCAA Region 3 Diving Championships. ...Read More
By Mary Grace Cronin ’18   |   Issue 147-19
This weekend the third-seeded Amherst women’s ice hockey team travelled north to Middlebury, Vermont for the semifinals and final round of the NESCAC tournament. ...Read More
By Julia Turner ’19   |   Issue 147-19
Amherst Squash sent two competitors to the 2018 College Squash Association Individual Championships this weekend March 3-4 in Washington D.C. Haley McAtee ’18 from the women’s team competed in her final career squash matches for Amherst. ...Read More