Arts & Living

By Annika Lunstad ’21   |   Issue 147-5
This Friday night, Marsh Coffee Haus II took place in Marsh House from 8 to 10 p.m.. Throughout the night, various artists performed acts of different genres, including poetry, prose, acoustic covers of songs, self-written songs, jazz, comedy and interpretive dance....Read More
By Hugh Ford ’20   |   Issue 147-5
I want to talk about a topic that’s been on my mind for a while: the career trajectory of Kid Cudi. Most people probably know Kid Cudi as a stoner rapper from the late 2000s who fell off after two decent albums. Back in 2009, Kid Cudi was riding high....Read More
By Brandon Medina ’19   |   Issue 147-5
Netflix’s favorite alcoholic horse returned last month with its highly anticipated fourth season. Through its previous three seasons, “Bojack Horseman” has left me heartbroken almost as many times as Amherst has, which is saying quite a lot....Read More
By Maya Hossain '21   |   Issue 147-5
Blaring neon lights wash a simple set consisting of seamless white walls and a single chair in the middle. The entire audience recoils, eyes slowly adjusting, peering at a limp body strapped into the chair....Read More


By The Editorial Board   |   Issue 147-5
Amherst College is the type of campus that President Biddy Martin has described as having a “yeasty” culture, which she defined in her 2016 convocation speech as “characterized by unrest or agitation, in a state of turbulence, typically a creative or productive one.” The sight of open laptops dur...Read More
By Jake May '19   |   Issue 147-5
I discuss late-night television in this column often, and each time, I think to myself: “Is this really worth writing?” When I first became aware of late-night TV, it seemed as if the medium as a whole was on the decline....Read More
By Nisan Sele '21   |   Issue 147-5
These are times when political views have become identities. When someone mentions their ideology, we assume we know all about them. They must fit a certain mold, live a certain lifestyle and be a certain type of person. If they believe in the same things that we do, perfect....Read More

Top News

By Kathleen Maeder '20   |   Issue 147-5
Student teaching assistants from various academic departments gathered on Sunday, Sept. 24 for a training session that covered issues such as effective teaching practices and inclusivity in classrooms....Read More
Two students open the door to newly converted gender-inclusive restrooms.
By Shawna Chen '20   |   Issue 147-5
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion announced in a community-wide email on Tuesday, Sept. 26 that the college converted all existing single-user facilities into gender-inclusive restrooms over the summer....Read More
By Sehee Park '20   |   Issue 147-5
Alex Frenett is a math and physics double major who is writing a thesis on the photoionization of oxygen. His advisor is Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy David Hanneke....Read More
By Emma Swislow '20   |   Issue 147-5
Conservative talk radio host Michael Graham, U.S. Army Reserve Major Robert Roughsedge and Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander for the State of Massachusetts Eric Segundo spoke at Amherst on Sept. 27 about America’s intervention in the Middle East after the Sept. 11 terror attacks in 2001....Read More
Eleven students, including forum organizers Annika Ariel ’19 and Matt Walsh ’19, gathered in a circle in Friedmann Room on Friday, Sept. 22, to discuss issues of accessibility on campus.
By Shawna Chen '20   |   Issue 147-4
Students held a forum on disability and inclusion on Friday, Sept. 22 to discuss issues of accessibility on campus....Read More
By Natalie De Rosa '21   |   Issue 147-4
The Amherst College Police Department (ACPD) sent an email to the community releasing the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistic Act Report, an annual statement of crime statistics over the past three years on Sept. 18....Read More


By Jenny Mazzella ’20   |   Issue 147-5
This past week, the Amherst field hockey team added both a win and a loss to its season record. On Saturday, Sept. 30, Amherst suffered a loss to fellow No. 6-ranked NESCAC rival Tufts, in a conference game. ...Read More
By Jordan Rhodeman '21   |   Issue 147-5
This past weekend, the Amherst women’s tennis team returned to Williams College to compete in the 2017 ITA Regional Championships. After a three-day long battle, the Mammoths finished with strong performances in both the singles and doubles matches....Read More
By Katie Bergamesca '18   |   Issue 147-5
Amherst women’s soccer split this past weekend’s games, dropping Saturday’s match against Tufts 2-1 in overtime before bouncing back on Sunday to dominate New England College. ...Read More