About Us

The Amherst Student is the newspaper of Amherst College. Established in 1868, The Student is the oldest independent weekly college publication in the country, with more than 2,000 copies circulated per issue. The Student is published every Wednesday of the academic year, with the exception of vacations and exam periods, and is distributed to members of the college and the communities of Amherst, Hadley and the Five College area free of charge, as well as to alumni and parents by subscription.

The Student is written, produced and published by an all-volunteer team of dedicated Amherst students. As an independent publication, The Student and its staff are committed to a standard of conscientious reporting and quality writing.

The Student welcomes any and all Amherst students who wish to contribute to the newspaper. If you are interested in writing for a section of The Student, please contact the appropriate managing editor(s). If you are interested in the publishing and business management of The Student, please contact the publishers. If you are interested in copy editing, layout, photography or website management, please contact the editor-in-chief. General questions may be directed to astudent@amherst.edu or at 413-206-9319.

Sophie Murguia (smurguia17@amherst.edu)

Executive Adviser
Brendan Hsu (bhsu15@amherst.edu)

Managing News
Dan Ahn (dahn17@amherst.edu)
Sophie Chung (schung17@amherst.edu)
Elaine Jeon (djeon17@amherst.edu)

Managing Opinion
Johnathan Appel (jappel16@amherst.edu)
Marie Lambert (mlambert15@amherst.edu)

Managing Arts & Living
Marquez Cummings (mcummings16@amherst.edu)
Gabby Edzie (gedzie17@amherst.edu)
Evan Paul (epaul18@amherst.edu)

Managing Sports
Kiana Herold (kherold17@amherst.edu)
Lauren Tuiskula (ltuiskula17@amherst.edu)

Emily Ratte (eratte18@amherst.edu)
Tia Robinson (trobinson17@amherst.edu)

Senior Editors
Nazir Khan
Emmett Knowlton
Alissa Rothman
David Walchak

Design Editors
Gabby Bishop
Megan Do
William Harvey
Sunna Juhn
Chloe Tausk

Associate Editors
Nicole Chi
Karl Greenblatt
Andrew Knox
Annalise Nurme
Michael Osorio
Nicole Yang
Clara Yoon