MTV’s latest scripted comedy, “I Just Want My Pants Back,” made its debut on Thursday, Feb. 2 to a reception ranging from accepting and optimistic to downright furious. Based on David J. Rosen’s 2007 novel of the same title, the series revolves around the lives of four 20-something year-olds as they navigate the post-college haze of booze, sex and unemployment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Best Actor

Will Win: Jean Dujardin, “The Artist"
Dujardin should ride the goodwill from his win at the Screen Actors Guild awards to victory here, announcing himself as the next big foreign star to hit the States. If you’re thinking, “nah, I’ve never even heard of that guy before,” think back to Marion Cotillard’s win for “La Vie En Rose” a few years back.

Julia Edholm ’15 and Julia Pearson ’15
Contributing Writers

Everyone knows that Amherst College has beautiful first-year dorms. Campus tour guides walk prospective students through the entrance of Charles Pratt because they are well aware that the hardwood floors and wood trim will make a striking impression on young high school students. Equipped with hotel-like amenities and daily cleaning services, there is just one thing missing … an actual kitchen.

I was pessimistic about “A Different Kind of Truth,” Van Halen’s first album with original lead singer David Lee Roth in 28 years. If asked to define my opinion in a word, I would have said curious, but certainly not excited. As much as I love listening to the band’s older work, 28 years is a long time. Add to that the band’s mostly mediocre work with post-Roth singer Sammy Hagar and a 14-year gap without a full new album at all, and it was hard for me to see where Van Halen would fit in circa 2012.

The invention of tabbed browsing has made surfing the web quite a bit easier. With screen real estate being a limited resource on our portable machines (and often even on larger ones), managing multiple web pages using tabs provides a convenient solution. After all, browsing is often synonymous with multitasking: we keep our mailbox open while reading an article or keep Pandora on in the background as we fire up Facebook.

For many people, this coming May marks the end of an era. “Desperate Housewives,” a show that has been running since 2004, is currently on its eighth and final season. Viewers who have stuck with the show since the beginning are used to story arcs that involve deceit, secrecy, murder, angst, sex and almost comical levels of drama. This current season is no exception. During the finale of the seventh season, Gabrielle Solis’ sexually abusive stepfather, who is supposed to be dead, pays her a visit.

In most cases, the story a father tells his children about how he met their mother is fairly brief, consisting of an explanation of where and when he met her, how he managed to win her over and how long it took before they were married. Played by Josh Radnor, Ted Mosby — protagonist of CBS’s hit sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother” — has something very different in mind, however, when he sits his teenaged son and daughter down in the year 2030 to tell them the story of how he met their mother.