Earlier this week, super-storm Sandy slammed into the east coast, causing strong winds, flooding and snow, leaving behind in its wake many fatalities, billions of dollars of damages and millions of people without power.

Major: English
Thesis Advisor: Karen Sanchez-Eppler

Q: What is your thesis about?

A: My thesis is a creative nonfiction piece on foster care. It’s about my family’s and my experience with foster children, how we’ve learned to navigate that, my personal take on what it’s like, what the issues are that need to be solved and what I’ve seen.

Q: How did this idea come about?

Last week, 777 different students went to the atrium of Keefe Campus Center to “grab” a bagged lunch and “go” to class. Although the menu changed daily, students could pick either an entrée sandwich/wrap or salad (one of which was a vegetarian item), choose three additional snacks — chips, pretzels, popcorn, fresh fruit or a dessert — and finally choose one beverage.

“The intent is to provide a product that will present fresh, made of quality, ingredients with a good perceived value from our students,” said Jeremy Roush, Amherst College’s Executive Chef.

Last Wednesday, Oct. 17, former student Angie Epifano shocked the campus and sparked a heated discussion about sexual respect with her personal “Account of Sexual Assault at Amherst College” published in The Student, which described her experience with the administration and counseling center after being sexually assaulted in May 2011.

Psychology Professor Julia McQuade hails from Wellesley MA, outside of Boston, and lived there her entire life. She completed her undergraduate degree at Bates College in Maine. She then lived two years in Somerville, Mass. where she worked as a research assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital studying clinical psychology. Following this, she completed her Ph.D. at the Univ. of Vermont. She then spent the last year completing her post-doctoral fellowship at Massachusetts’s General Hospital.

Q: How did begin studying psychology and what made you decide to pursue it?

Last night, Oct. 16, the faculty held their third meeting of the semester. The faculty approved sixteen new courses. They also discussed several things, including Amherst’s rating falling from AAA to AA+ according to S&P, a transition to Apple-friendly products and online education.

Ken Howard ’66 knows show business. A professional actor for more than four decades and the current president of the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG-AFTRA), Howard returned to the College this semester as the Croxton Lecturer in Film and Media Studies, teaching “The Role and the Self.”