Clarification: the meeting reported in this article took place before the publication of Angie Epifano's story.

During this Monday’s Senate meeting, AAS President Tania Dias, ‘13, invited President Martin, Dean Charri Boykin-East and Dean Hannah Fatemi to answer questions or address concerns from the entire student body.

Amherst College may soon enter the brave new world of online education.

On September 7, climate change activist Bill McKibben visited Amherst College and gave a speech in Johnson Chapel that addressed a crowd of over 800 people. It was a strong message that acted as the launching pad for Green Amherst Project’s divestment campaign on campus, a campaign advocating for the College to divest all of its direct investments from coal.

Class of 2013

  • Derek Garcia
  • Hello my peeps. I would like to run because I feel I can best communicate the ideas of our class to the Senate. I also consider the responsibility of a Senator as a mediator; to engage in a conversation with students so as to foster a dialogue between the AAS and the student body. And to put it simply, I love conversations. As your Senator, I will listen and be open to any of your ideas. I will be honored if you were to vote for me for Senator for the Class of 2013. Much love, Derek.

    Last Monday, Sept. 17, former professor Carleen Basler resigned from the College after admitting that her written work contained unattributed verbatim quotations and improper references of other scholars’ work.

    “My reason for resigning is simple. In certain sections of my scholarly work, I unintentionally failed to cite and improperly cited previously published materials. In the realm of academic scholarship, such mistakes are very serious in nature,” Basler said in a statement given to The Student.

    Discovery and Acknowledgment

    In a statement released by non-profit teaching corps Teach for America (TFA), Amherst College contributed the second-highest number of graduating seniors last year to the corps out of all small colleges and universities. The College, which tied with DePauw University, saw 19 members of the Class of 2012 join the corps and rose up from 15th place in 2008 to fourth place last year before reaching second place this year. Fifty thousand students nationwide, including 13 percent of the Class of 2012, applied for only 5,000 positions.