Many students have noticed the new iPads installed in the Athletics Center, the Campus Center, Converse Hall, Facilities and Val, but few of them understand that it is part of a broader effort to connect students to the campus through more accessible technology.

On July 10, President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin announced that Dean of Students Allen Hart ’82, Professor of Psychology, would take a leave of absence for a year, having deferred his sabbatical in 2010 to replace Dean Ben Lieber as Dean of Students. Senior Associate Dean Charri Boykin-East agreed to serve as Interim Dean of Students for the 2012-2013 academic year and the beginning of summer 2013. A search committee has been identified to select a new dean of students. Professor Austin Sarat, of the LJST and Political Science Department will chair the search committee.

After another year with a record number of applications, the Class of 2016 arrived on campus on a clear summer day, with smiles in anticipation of their bright futures.

Overachiever doesn’t even begin to describe Caroline Stedman. It would seem that the All American, NESCAC Player of the Year, 2012 WBCA National Player of the Year winner for basketball wouldn’t have time for anything but making baskets. Instead, during her four years at Amherst, she found time for other activities. An Economics and Spanish double major, Stedman worked as a research assistant and was heavily involved in the Center for Community Engagement.

Glee club, Jazz Combos, Resident Counselor, senator, Route 9, Amherst Dance, Amherst Tour Guide, Physics TA and Ultimate Frisbee. Optimistic, energetic, friendly, thoughtful, intelligent. Add a major or two (Physics and Economics, to be specific), and you have Rohan Mazumdar. It’s hard to think of something he hasn’t done in his four years at Amherst College, and it’s amazing to think of what he has. Mazumdar is that student whose name is as ubiquitous around campus as he is — a force of nature that has taken Amherst by storm.

Christiane Amanpour: ABC News Global Affairs Anchor

Bethany Brown
Anthropology major Bethany Brown was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to travel to Bulgaria.

“I strongly believe that teaching is a way of life; it is not merely a hat I can put on or off—it is part of who I am,” Brown wrote in her application.