Absent for most of last semester, Flics made its return last week with its celebration of the Academy Awards. However, this group has been absent for quite a few months and having the first Flics of the year near the end of February seems much too late. Last semester, Flics was inactive with the exception of a movie around Thanksgiving time, despite it being an event that many students look forward to.

Trevor Hyde ’12
Major: Mathematics
Thesis Advisor: David Cox

What is your thesis about?

English Professor Christopher Grobe grew up in Chicago. He received his Bachelors of Science, Masters of Arts, Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. from Yale Univ.

What brought you to Amherst?

Dang Trinh ’12
Major: Mathematics
Thesis Advisor: Tanya Leise

What is your thesis about?

It’s a statistics thesis where I’m focusing on a particular branch of statistics that focuses on time series data. Specifically, I’m focusing on time series of stock prices and stock volatilities of 500 stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500, daily data going back to 1962. So essentially I have data of about 6-7 million cells.

Is this a crossover with the economics department?

Nearly a year ago, Brown Univ. graduate Andrew Yang founded Venture for America to help young entrepren eurs learn the ropes. Yang found the inspiration for VFA in the indecision he felt after leaving college.

“A lot of the people I went to law school with went because they didn’t know what else to do,” Yang said. “I wanted there to be another option. College grads who want to make a start-up business should work for a start-up. My goal was to give these people the resources and path to do so.”

“It was a time of hope, but a lot of fear. It was also a time the country was going up in flames,” said Agostine Ndung’u ’12 about Kenya in 2007.

The main topic of discussion at the Feb. 21 faculty meeting was President Biddy Martin’s proposal for the addition of a new provost position at the College. According to President Martin’s vision, the added senior administrator would relieve pressures on the existing administrators and spearhead long-term, strategic planning, the integration of programs across the College and other initiatives across the College community.