Liberalism died in 2016, in his fourth century. He was ill for quite some time, and after a series of tumultuous brushes with death over the last hundred years, he passed not quietly but spectacularly by climbing a tree and sawing off the very branch he was sitting on. Many have refused to accept his death, and his body is currently propped up on bumper stickers and mainstream news networks with sunglasses in some weird Weekend-At-Bernie’s-esque charade, preventing his proper entombment.

After two semesters, 26 issues and countless hours spent editing, this is my final issue as editor-in-chief of The Amherst Student. I’ve been fortunate to work with a dedicated staff throughout the duration of my time with this paper. We’ve had designers, writers and publishers who have endless talents; from the section editors who meticulously edit sports stories to the publishers who graciously donate their time and ensure our subscribers receive the paper each week.

Meatless Mondays? Going tray-less?

Whatever your opinion is on these controversial efforts, it is important to recognize all of the other ways that Valentine has been working to reduce waste and save energy. Some of the staff’s biggest efforts have in fact been happening behind the scenes, plotted in the bowels of Valentine Dining Hall.

As the semester draws to a close, students hunker down to write final papers and prepare for exams. We look forward to leaving campus — perhaps because we are heading home or simply to another place, anywhere that is not here. Snow is starting to fall, and stick, and the tension that comes with exam season feels somewhat mediated by the faith that the holidays will soon arrive. In so many ways, the campus feels situated on an edge of an annual turn. Viewing the space that opens ahead of us gives rise to many different feelings.

In light of the recent national election, we might agree that climate change and environmentalism will not be a top priority come 2017. This is not to say that the climate will be ignored completely.

I woke up in a state of stunned horror the morning after Donald Trump became President-elect: The States elected a man who is accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault and is an inspiration for growing white nationalist movements. To take my mind off of things, I decided to pick up the Amherst Student to read the opinion section. As I turned the pages of the newspaper, I saw a “Birthright” ad, which is always extremely uncomfortable for me to see as an Arab, especially because it tries to make Game of Thrones jokes.

We, Divest Amherst, stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, in support of their struggle for sovereignty and against the continued extraction of fossil fuels.