Most students have a favorite story of police breaking up a party they attended. Last year, one of my orchestra parties was broken up in Seelye. You may expect orchestra members to be crazy party animals, but (un)surprisingly the majority of orchestra party funds are used to purchase snacks and soda since most orchestra members do not drink. The image of a police officer in Seelye breaking up 35 orchestra members (some in tuxedos) eating cheese and crackers and drinking some alcohol makes most people laugh.

Eric Patterson ’70 writes in response to President Martin’s “Free Speech and Institutional Responsibility” reflections, which discuss the views of Prof. Hadley Arkes.

Jed Doty ’05 writes in response to Tito Craige’s “Shining Light on Dark Words,” which was published in the Oct. 9 edition of The Student.

Over the past few months, several deaths presumed to be the result of “Molly” overdoses have increased media attention on the club drug and led to the cancellation of several concerts in the area. The Univ. of Massachusetts cancelled several local events at the Mullins Center (including the artists Above & Beyond, Return to Fantasia and Pretty Lights) and released a statement that indefinitely banned all Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events at the venue.

October. Which means fall is well underway and the leaves have already started changing colors. Also, Halloween. Oh, and for us college students, the flurrying panic to cram in extra studying for midterms. What else? Ah, it’s also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Oh, yeah ... Breast Cancer Awareness Month ... I see.

Really? So, what exactly is the point in designating the entire month of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? What does this even mean?

Dear Amherst community,

Following recent discussions on the lack of Amherst traditions and school spirit, I’m writing today to speak with you candidly on the question of one of the oldest pieces of Amherst folklore, the Sabrina, and on what she means (and what she could mean) to the Amherst community.

Chris Burnor ’06 is a professional nerd. He cofounded GroupTie in 2012 and currently a curator at StartupDigest and a host on The Drill Down podcast.