A tried and true method of mine for wiping the grogginess out of my mornings is to take a shower while putting on some bangers, or as I recently learned in Miami, “boppers.” In proper English, both mean an upbeat song that gets your body grooving. So, while I was casually dancing and rinsing my hair to “Bodak Yellow” one slow morning, I wondered what made that song so explosive and infectious that it seized the throne of Billboard’s Top 100 with lightning speed. How did Cardi B claim the title of empress of the music industry, the mother of all bangers?

Make way for ducklings; on Jan. 23, Sen. Tammy Duckworth announced her pregnancy, making her the first sitting senator to ever give birth. Though she plans to take the 12 weeks paid leave that she guarantees her staffers, the announcement has sparked discussion about guaranteed maternity leave for federal employees in general. Senator Duckworth is the 51st woman to be elected to Senate — why is she the first to give birth while?

The longer I have been at Amherst, the more my opinion of Valentine Dining Hall has soured. This is not to say that I have a problem with the way the dining hall is run, and of course it is not to say anything derogatory about the incredible Val staff. I have simply become tired of the limited food options. Our cyclical meal schedule is the main culprit for my weariness of Val’s food; I like most of the “Traditional” lunch and dinner options, but many of them occur so often that they’ve lost their zeal.

Early in January it snowed for the first time in 28 years in Tallahassee, Fla. It was part of a massive cold front that went on to sweep the entire nation this winter and indicative of an even broader trend of climate change and extreme weather. Here in Amherst, temperatures reached 15 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, according to AccuWeather. This drop in temperature may be shocking to many, especially following an unseasonably warm fall and an even hotter summer prior to that, but it is in fact in line with the way climate is changing.

Following the Amherst administration’s uncharacteristically stringent presence at parties during the last weekend before finals period, the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) wrote an open letter to President “Biddy” Martin, Dean Dean Gendron, and Dean Suzanne Coffey. The letter condemned the school’s “heavy-handed monitoring of select dormitories”:

My apologies if any of this has been discuss already ad nauseam, but I came into the selection process for your new mascot quite late. I imagine that the issues regarding the previous ‘Lord & Lady Jeffs’ have been eloquently articulated, and given these concerns, I must admit there is a certain humor and irreverence to choosing the Mammoth as an alternative. I am sure the irony of a mascot that epitomizes something that is enormous, hairy, lumbering and extinct to represent a small, dynamic, adaptable, thriving liberal arts college is perfectly clear to everyone.

The path to becoming and staying editor-in-chief of The Student has been far from easy. As a managing editor for the news section starting my sophomore year, I had gotten a taste of the complexity of our campus. This was in the midst of great change, with Amherst Uprising and the ousting of controversial and unofficial mascot Lord Jeff. Then there was the 2016 presidential election, which launched the school into another era of campus activism. Being editor-in-chief, I assumed, would continue to be challenging and complicated.