Finding a job in this market is hard. Being a recent graduate with little to no real work experience makes finding a decent job even harder. My post-Amherst plans have been to join the workforce to start paying off my loans and to save for graduate school, which I start this coming fall semester. Since 2012Es have not yet been given our degrees because the Amherst College Board of Trustees only approves degrees at the end of each spring semester, I have been presenting my official transcript to potential employers as proof that I have earned my bachelor’s degree.

When you step into the online voting booth this week to choose your next AAS president, you should ultimately keep your own counsel and listen to your own advice. You know the candidates better than any alum, even an alum like me who knows the two principal contenders. However, choosing a president for the AAS isn’t something to do own your own. It’s much too important for that. There’s appropriate room for advice from people you trust.

This Monday, the AAS Elections Committee hosted Speech Night for Executive Board hopefuls running in the elections this Thursday. Candidates for all the top positions on student government outlined their platforms: five of those speakers will guide and shape the direction the Senate will take over the next academic year.

Loud Christians make the most entertaining TV hosts, and of course, they have the funding and backing to get on TV in the first place. The majority of Christians around the world are poor, but they are not the ones who can afford to give their interpretation of the Gospel on late-night programs all the while asking viewers to continue padding their overflowing coffers.

“The fundamental flaws and root causes are there.” These were the words of Kunj Desai, a Zambian U.S. based Immigrant Doctor and the last line of an article in the New York Times titled America is Stealing the World’s Doctors. I must say that while I appreciate the light the article drew to the issue of the “brain drain,” I do not agree with the word “steal;” it is quiet misleading. I do not think Uncle Sam is a thief; I think he is just a good businessman. I do not mean he is virtuous (though he likes to think of himself this way), I mean he has mastered the art of business.

Just to introduce myself: I’m a Class of 2015 Senator, and one of my jobs within the AAS is being the AAS Representative to the Program Board. I barely remember being elected to be the representative to the Program Board. To be honest I knew next to nothing about what the Program Board did. I didn’t know anyone on there or what Spring Concert was like.

Hello. You may know that I’m studying abroad this semester and currently traveling through Europe on spring break. You may not know that, for the past two weeks, I’ve actually spent most of my time pondering the Amherst Association of Students (AAS) E-Board Election instead.

Why? Because I care too much.