Library Renovations Continue Apace
Issue   |   Wed, 09/21/2011 - 03:05
Photo by Sarah Ashman '14

Over the summer, Frost Library underwent some renovations, as part of a project that took more than one year to plan and another summer to complete. While most of the library functions remain unchanged, there have been significant upgrades to the interior layout and decorations — expanded study spaces, increased display spaces, new furniture and a café that will open later this semester.

“Because of the way spaces are set up, Frost was not a very friendly place for students to study and to socialize,” said Bryn Geffert, Librarian of the College. “As we begin our renovation project this year, we have been doing a lot of rethinking based on the feedback we receive from our students.”

According to Geffert, the plan to reconfigure Frost’s spaces began early last fall, when students were invited to submit the changes they would like to see at the new library. Thus far, students have approved of the new renovations.

“I think that it is finally nice to get a few things added to the library that were long overdue,” Jordan Roehl ’12 said. “At one point, we are just going to need a new building but I think they are doing the best with what they have.”

In addition to creating more amenable space for group study, Frost’s recent renovations include a few additions that may elude a cursory visit. A new art gallery and a Class of 1964 reading corner now adorn the second and third floors, respectively – both, however, currently remain incomplete.

According to Geffert, workers will soon begin to install railings that will go along the walls of the second floor and exhibits will soon be on shelves.

“We hope that Frost will become a showcase of student artworks but also works of outside artists,” Geffert said.

Previously, Frost featured a photo exhibit by Bessie Young ‘11, “The Arts of Aging,” which recorded Young’s journey through the United States to interview senior citizens about achieving inner peace in later life.

Also making its debut soon will be the Class of 1964 reading room on the third floor. With vintage College photographs taken during WWII, this reading corner will offer readers a serene place for study and introspection.

“Part of our funding for renovation came from the generous alumni from the Class of 1964, many of whom served bravely in WWII,” Mr. Geffert said. “[The corner] is a place to commemorate their contribution to the College and to this country.”

So far most of the new interior at Frost — the paint, tiles and carpets — is complete, though some of the new furniture has not been installed and the opening of the café on the first floor — an overwhelming student request — has been delayed. The litany of renovations taking place throughout the campus this summer slowed the project at Frost.

“We are not yet prepared to announce a date of completion,” said Geffert, “but we do hope that they will be ready at the end of fall semester.”