Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Tue, 09/25/2012 - 21:48

Class of 2013

  • Derek Garcia
  • Hello my peeps. I would like to run because I feel I can best communicate the ideas of our class to the Senate. I also consider the responsibility of a Senator as a mediator; to engage in a conversation with students so as to foster a dialogue between the AAS and the student body. And to put it simply, I love conversations. As your Senator, I will listen and be open to any of your ideas. I will be honored if you were to vote for me for Senator for the Class of 2013. Much love, Derek.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • My name is Carlos Gonzalez, and it would be an honor to represent you as a member of the AAS. Over the years, Amherst has experienced an unprecedented diversification of the student body. However, our institutional services are inadequate to support the changing student body. As senator, I will work with the administration to create the necessary changes that will make Amherst a more welcoming and supporting environment, starting with increasing funding for the Multicultural Resource Center. My six years of prior student government experience qualifies me for this position. Thank you for your support.

  • Risalat Khan
  • I asked myself a simple question this summer: “What do I want to see changed on campus before I graduate?” Two things stood out. I wanted my school to seriously consider changing the Lord Jeff mascot to something else. I also wanted to address sexual misconduct on campus so that my friends and future generations of students feel safer. I will work on these issues over my senior year, whether or not I am in senate. But I believe the senate is a good platform to create change, and hope that you would vote for me. Thank you.

  • Falone Malinga
  • I’m Falone Masudi Minga and I’m a senior at Amherst College. In the hope of increasing fun activities on campus and the student body's awareness of AAS initiatives and what they can do for you; I would like to run for Senate. I have amazing ideas on how to improve campus community and advertise AAS projects. If any of you know me, then you know that I am a caring person who genuinely is concerned about the well being of everyone I know. I want to instill values of community and respect on campus. Vote Falone for Senate, class 2013!

    Class of 2014

  • Madeline Hong
  • Hi everyone! My name is Madeline Hong, and I hope you will consider me to represent the class of 2014. My various roles on campus (for instance, ASIP and CCE) have introduced me to friends of diverse interests. They constantly remind me of how great our student body really is. My pitch to you is that we take advantage of this! I propose casual networking events during which we can share our previous experiences with each other (food included of course). And how about some friendly class wars to bring us even closer? Let’s just get to know each other!

  • Jared Price
  • As a Senator for the class of 2014, I would commit myself to representing the student body impartially on any issue. I would be concerned first and foremost with making your voices heard and speaking to your concerns, regardless of how controversial they might be or difficult to address. I am committed to preserving everything positive about this exceptional academic institution, while working constantly to improve the standard of living and college experience for students. I hope that I can contribute to making these years at Amherst College the most productive, enjoyable, and transformative of your lives.

  • Yilin Andre Wang
  • My two years at Amherst have been amazing thanks to my friends, the faculty and the staff, but especially the inspirational student leaders who work diligently to make our college a better place. Numerous club activities, consistent event-organizing and advocacy involvement later, I want more than ever to serve the student body and represent our voices from every corner of this campus. Being a senator means communication, engagement and the responsibility of standing with my constituents, to which I will bring experience and perseverance. I have faith in the Senate and Amherst’s potential - I hope you do too.

    Class of 2016

  • Shruthi Badri
  • Hi! I'm Shruthi (pronounced Shrew-Tea), and I'd love to be your senator. I believe I'd make a good candidate because I'm easily accessible, non-intimidating (at 5 feet tall, it's hard to be) and genuinely passionate about making a change. I do have causes that I support (education, sustainability), but I'm most interested in what you believe in. I realize it can be daunting to have your suggestions and concerns heard and acted upon. I'm here not only to listen to you, but help you take your ideas forward. I hope you give me that opportunity.

  • Joao Baltazar
  • I’m running for Senate, because I want to know what we as students can do to change the college and how the bureaucratic system works. I want to be aware of the limitations so that I can work to achieve what we think should be changed. I am available to carefully listen to what anyone has to say and to put that forward, to make everyone’s voice heard. I was part of the Student Congress at my previous high school and in such international environment I learned how to deal with diversity and how to holistically integrate people’s different perspectives.

  • Servet Bayimli
  • After four years of Mock Trial, a national title, and involvement with Occupy Wall St., I know to focus on issues that need attention, and pledge my best to fix those issues. I will work to reform the add/drop process so that students can be sure of their class enrollment. I will push for a standard syllabus format, promote the food committee’s role in voicing student concerns, advocate for food take out trays, and reinforce AC After Dark’s presence to promote student integration outside socials. I will advocate fiercely for the class of 2016. I’m Servet - here to Serve-U.

  • Robert “Will” Brothers
  • I would be honored to earn your vote for senator for the class of 2016 along with Birk, Lisa, and Richard. I believe I offer a fresh and unique perspective, and I promise to fight for the interests of the entire class, not just a particular group. Personally, I hope to start a bike sharing program on campus like Yellow Bikes. Additionally, I hope to be approached with advice and suggestions from all my classmates here at Amherst. Overall, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent my class, and I guarantee to fight for your interests.

  • Claire Castellano
  • Though a small community, Amherst is fortunate to have individuals with globally diverse backgrounds and a variety of interests. I look forward to getting involved with Amherst life as a member of the Senate. I believe I can be an asset to the student government by generating ideas and facilitating the exchange of ideas around campus. I promise to listen actively to make this campus a collaborative community driven by the entire student body and faculty working together. This dynamic environment is dependent upon each and every one of us, and I will work to make your voice heard.

  • Jovan Damjanovic
  • Following a squad meeting, I stepped into a knee-deep mudtrap which totally looked like solid ground and FUBAR’d my shoes. I thought: “If I was in charge around this place…” and laughed maniacally. Step 1. Not long afterwards, someone noticed I loved sitting like an old sage, stroking my beard and yelling advice at passers-by, so I became the go-to guy for when excrement hits the propeller. I thought: “I could do this large-scale!” Step 2. Now let’s make Step 3, together (as 4channers say, “for great justice”) and get my posterior into a Senate chair. You won’t regret it.

  • Juan Gabriel Delgado-Montes
  • I, Juan Gabriel Delgado-Montes, am extremely excited to run as class senator alongside some of the most talented Amherst students! Our time together has yet to reach a month, but in this time our vibrant and eclectic community has fascinated me far beyond expectation. As your class senator, I aspire to enhance our first-year experience and address our utmost concerns. With AAS funding close to $1milion, there is much potential for what we can accomplish, but also much at stake. My sole devotion is to voice your thoughts, I kindly ask for your trust. Remember, vote for number Juan!

  • Lisa Hsiao
  • Hey y’all! I’m Lisa Hsiao, and I’m running for Senate with Will, Birk, and Richard. Together, we hope to represent your diverse interests. In the few weeks I’ve spent here at Amherst, I’ve been amazed and humbled by the unique and talented students, and I would be honored to represent the Class of 2016. I’ve served on student government for the past four years and hope to bring my experiences to AAS. I’m dedicated, dependable, and approachable, but more importantly, I’m passionate about serving others, and hope to serve the Amherst community, so I would appreciate your vote for Senate.

  • Sam Keaser
  • My name is Sam Keaser, I’m from a small town near Columbus, Ohio, and I would love the opportunity to represent the class of 2016 as an AAS Senator. If elected, I would be a proxy for my community; my decisions would be based upon the wishes and best interests of my fellow freshmen. My focus would be on extending the hours of on campus food service, encouraging student integration on campus, and improving the general quality of campus life. I look forward to talking to all of you and would greatly appreciate your vote this Thursday.

  • Andrew Knox
  • If elected one of the Senators for the Class of 2016 I will humbly serve the needs of our class and the broader school community. I will bring ideas from my experience growing up in Southern California and, more importantly, from everyone that I represent. Serving in multiple leadership positions both in the classroom and in athletics, I work hard to be sure that everyone is heard. I can’t make extravagant promises, but what I can promise is that I will fight for what I believe is in the best interest of everyone on campus.

  • Andrew Lindsay
  • My name is Andrew Lindsay, and I would like to serve as an AAS senator for the class of 2016. In the short time I have been apart of the Amherst community I have realized that there is a divide between the students at Amherst and the AAS. The ambition to fill this gap should originate from the Senate and this is precisely the reason I want to run. I promise transparency, efficiency and most of all enthusiasm for the tasks associated with this post as it will be my duty to promote definite policy we can all enjoy.

  • Hao Liu
  • I am Hao Liu from Singapore and I will be 22 by the end of this year. A Class of 2016 candidate for the Senate, I have two years of experience in military service, social enterprise and government, ensuring that your campus needs are fulfilled.
    One – I will attempt to extend night meal hours at Val. Supper!
    Two – I will attempt to have the Health Center open on weekends.
    Last – I will attempt to bring about portable hot water on each floor.

  • James Liu
  • Liu likes life. Life likes Liu. Liu’s life like lines lies limitless. Liu lives lightly. Lyrically laconic, Liu lists lines like letters. Linguistically learned, Liu likes languages. Lee libros largos. Listening leisurely, Liu loves lull lullabies leaving loose lips. Libertine, licentious, Liu likes liquorice. Liu loathes libel. Liu loses little, laughs loudly, loves lots.

  • Birk Mitau
  • Hey, my name is Birk Mitau. I am running for senator for the class of 2016 with Richard, Will and Lisa. As a group, we promise to serve our class diligently and responsibly. We are experienced, approachable, accepting and will strive to reach a diverse cross section of the Amherst
    community. I will not only encourage classmates to approach me with their concerns, but will actively work with the administration to advance the interests of the student body. I ask for your vote and promise to serve you to the best of my ability.

  • Manuel Morales
  • Manuel Morales. This is the only name you need to know when voting for your 2016 Class Senator. As your class senator, I want you to feel free to express your opinions. As a former student body and senior class president, I know what it takes to lead, as well as listen, in order to make things efficient and enjoyable. My past experience in sports and current involvement in the Ultimate Frisbee team Monstars proves that I am dedicated to teamwork and school pride. It would be an honor to serve as a senator for the class of 2016.

  • Cristian Navarro
  • Like you, I just got here -- we’re still figuring out Amherst and identifying what we would like to change. Fresh ideas are what I would like to accomplish, and you can really come talk to me. As your mediator I will voice your rising concerns as my own. Empowerment of student-led ideas, such as new clubs or events, and enhancing communication between you and the Senate are among my main interests. But most importantly, your opinion is what matters. If you vote Cristian Navarro for Senate, be certain it’s all about YOU.

  • Rachel Nghe
  • Hello! My name is Rachel Nghe and I am running for 2016 Senate. I may not be a memorable person, but I can do memorable things. People ask me the question: why are you running? My answer to that question centers around one word: convenience. It may be easy to go through a day, but it is hard to make everyday life easy. From joining activities to getting lunch at Val, I would like to make your Amherst experience more convenient on every level. Questions? Come say hi when you see me! I don’t bite. I promise.

  • Richard Park
  • Hey guys! My name is Richard Park and I want to be your senator along with Will, Lisa, and Birk. Although we’ve only been here for a few weeks, I am determined to represent our diverse class. I have been involved with student government for four years and if elected, promise to listen to fellow classmates and voice their concerns. Ultimately, I love meeting people and seeing new faces all around campus. If anyone is interested in learning about my platform or just want to talk, feel free to approach me. I would be honored to have your vote!

  • Phillip Qu
  • My name is Phillip Qu and I would really like to make Amherst a more enjoyable place for everyone. Those of you who know me know that I am on the tennis team. Also I feel like I am generally a pretty nice guy, partly because of the Southern hospitality that I grew up with in Mississippi. Therefore, I am always approachable and open to any suggestions you might have. I hope that you will vote for me, Phillip Qu, so that our time in college will truly be the best years of our lives.

  • Ali Rohde
  • I’ll use my experience as a club athlete to advocate for both athletes and those at Amherst primarily for academics, as well as work to ensure there’s no split between the two groups on campus. I plan on reinvigorating the AAS Facebook page and using it as a forum for students to post and receive answers to questions, to learn about future events, and to request themes for and songs to be played at TAPs. I’ll also work to increase the success of our class as a whole, for example by providing free food and caffeine at Frost during finals.

  • Julia Rothacker
  • Hello! I’m a freshman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My interest in joining the AAS comes from a desire to make campus more fun, safe, and comfortable for all students. I would like to build freshmen spirit through fun activities people can chose to attend, like movie nights, special sports games, and performances where we cheer on our fellow freshmen. Also, Amherst should have Saturday night SuperSnack, where students can have snacks at Keefe before going out. Whether or not you drink, who can say no to free food? Let’s keep making Amherst better!

  • Tierney Werner
  • Classmates, it is not my wish to make you any specific promises at this juncture. That would be presumptive of me, presumptive in that we all have been here for only a month. For me to make any commitments now would prioritize needs at this present moment. What I will promise, however, is to address whatever issues will arise in the future, as we will not be judged or succeed by the plans we make as a student government, but rather the actions we make. I have great expectations of myself as your senator and of this senate and college.