Association of Amherst Students Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 09/25/2013 - 01:18

Class of 2014

Jacob Hoffstein
Brevity is the soul of wit.

Tinsae Zerihun
My name is Tinsae and I am a senior economics major from Ethiopia. I am running for the open senator seat in the AAS, and I would appreciate it if you consider voting me. In the past three years I have been actively involved on campus via random acts of kindness, Ethiopian Students Association, IM soccer and other student organization. I have also been an RC for the past three years. I am approachable and always willing to listen to my fellow students ideas. If I get your vote, I will represent you to the best of my abilities.

Class of 2015

Andrew Edelman
As a first-year RC for two years, I have seen multiple orientations from the new students’ and upper-class’ perspectives. We could improve orientation by remembering that community learning is more natural through dialogue with peers, and orientation is fundamentally about making those new relationships. Positive change, though, must come from the student body. Divestment and sexual assault policy are two of the changes that have come from student demand and pressure. As a senator, I will work to use the energy of the student body to tackle issues like orientation rather than use small groups of non-representative students.

Marie Lambert
Hello everyone, my name is Marie Lambert, and it would be an honor to serve as your Senator for the class of 2015! I’ve really loved my first two years at Amherst, but I can still recognize its shortcomings. We are in the midst of an exciting transition period here, and I would like to be a part of that change. As an athlete, club leader and first-year orientation coordinator, I have collaborated with both the Senate and the administration many times and plan to use this experience to address your concerns and create a more unified campus.

Class of 2016

Thomas Keating
Hi, I’m Thomas Keating, class of 2016. I’ve found myself, and many of my peers, wanting more from our collective Amherst experience. I’ve decided to run for the office of Senator because I want to improve campus unity by having more campus-wide interpersonal and inter-organization with the student body. I also want to improve both student and club interaction with the AAS outside of the budgetary process. I believe past leadership experience and current club involvement will aid me in making these goals a reality.

Manuel Morales
When voting for your 2016 class senators, pick the new, refreshing, vibrant, Manuel Morales. As a former student body president, I know what it takes to be able to lead but also to listen. Whatever the task at hand was, I always sought student feedback to help better the student body. Having been an AAS BC member, I have gotten experience into the funding policies. As a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team, I will represent and support all club sports. Also, having worked with the CCE, I want to better connect our College community with the towns around us.

Rachel Nghe
Over my past year at Amherst, I have seen and experienced discontent between the students and the AAS. As a member of Senate, I will work hard towards remedying the dissatisfactions students have with our school and the administration, so that those similar to me can find their love for this college. My platform ideas are geared towards diversifying the Senate’s power and using it at its full potential to make lives easier for members of this campus, to improve the disconnected culture between the school and its students and to create a sense of inclusion for those of diversity.

Phillip Qu
Hi! For those who don’t know me, my name is Phillip Qu. You may recall last year, I left you with a promise after my unsuccessful campaign as a run-in candidate. I promised that despite the crushing disappointment of losing, I would run for Senate again. I believe that I am the perfect candidate to represent the Class of 2016 because I am persistent and I keep my word. If elected, I will relentlessly push for objectives that will immediately improve student life. Please vote for me, Phillip Qu, to represent you in the Senate for the Class of 2016.

Ben Walker
Hi! My name is Ben Walker and I’d be honored to represent the class of 2016 in the AAS. I’m a member of the Green Amherst Project, the Debate Society and Marsh Arts Haus. I’m also a strong advocate for environmental causes, diversity and transparency on the Amherst campus. In the coming year, I’d like to transform the student body’s interaction with the AAS. To this end, I want to create spaces for constructive dialogue to better engage students and their ideas with the work of the AAS. The AAS should be a source of change — not an obstacle.

Class of 2017

David Atkins
I served on my high school’s senate for four years and was student body president as a senior. In these roles, I negotiated with a frequently uncooperative administration, so I more than have the skills required to make our class’s needs heard at Amherst. Ultimately, the concerns of the Class of 2017 will guide the choices I make as a Senator, but you can read about my ideas for improving Frost’s WiFi, increasing Grab-n-Go’s hours, improving the student employment system and establishing a small convenience store in Keefe at Thanks in advance for your votes, Class of 2017!

Karen Blake
As your senator, I will listen to everyone’s ideas and do my very best to accurately represent and advocate for all communities within our grade. This includes the communities that so far, have been minorities within the AAS Senate, such as athletes and women. As a fellow athlete and a woman (shocker I know!) I can understand the concerns of these groups on an intimate level. Though we have only been here a month I already have many ideas about how to improve Amherst. One of my first ideas to enhance Val meal quality is to extend the smoothie hours.

Jun Young (Matthew) Choi
My name is Matthew Choi and I am here to represent your concerns, opinions, ideas and wishes, ranging from your complaints about the long lines at Valentine Hall to reasons for purchasing new TV’s for the common room, to the AAS, so you can be heard where it counts! Vote CHOIce because it’s the right CHOIce!

Katarina Cruz
Katarina Cruz: the katalyst for change. This font appears before you to remind you that change comes with the correctly elected AAS freshman senator. While my main goal is to try to increase the fluidity between students here on campus, I also have a few short-term goals that I would like to begin working on if I am elected. One of these includes instituting a Grab and Go Breakfast Program. In the end, I would like to represent all of the ideas casually discussed by my schoolmates to make Amherst an even better and more welcoming environment.

Adelyn Curran
Hi, Class of 2017! I’m from Manchester, N.H. and currently live in South. As a Senator, I would always make myself to listen to any of your ideas and concerns to improve the campus community. I’m approachable and also a little addicted to social media which makes me easy to contact. From talking to my peers, its evident that the dining options in Val are a primary concern. Also, for residents of North and South, the 5:30 a.m. garbage truck pick up is a daily headache that must have a solution. Don’t forget to vote this Thursday!

Sophie Delfeus
I’d like to be a senator because I love Amherst and I want to make it even better. As your senator, I will do everything possible to make sure you have a chance to be heard. As we go through our four years here at Amherst, I want to make sure our bond as the Class of 2017 never breaks and plan on putting on events such as community lectures and even a class mixer. I also want to improve Val in terms of extending weekend and dinner hours, providing us with better options and much more.

Bonnie Drake
I have a diverse group of interests that I represent; I junior co-chair Pride Alliance, I have participated in both Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, I want to be a Peer Advocate for Sexual Respect and I have lead a variety of clubs including Costumes Crew in theater and the Future Business Leaders of America Club. I was on the board of directors for a non-profit and I look forward to bringing that experience to Amherst. We are the strongest when everybody has a voice, and I would love to be part of the voice for Amherst College students.

Robyn Farley
Over the past month, I have gotten to meet many of the unique people in our class. These encounters are precisely what motivated me to run. I am not your typical loud and political candidate. Being a somewhat quiet girl, I have learned to be a better listener. I plan to seek out the many unique ideas we have and work my hardest to realize them. I believe that the people with the best ideas are not always the ones who shout them the loudest. In closing, I hope that you will choose me as a representative of our class.

Sarah Felleman
In high school, campaigns were based on the implied superiority of the candidates running. I would convince you to vote for me by saying that I’m a good leader and I work hard, so you can trust that I will be good at the position. At Amherst, it isn’t so simple. Everyone in our grade is qualified for this position. I have been impressed by each person I have met. I would vote for all of you if I could. Everyone has amazing stories, but I want to tell you mine.

Liam Fine
I’m Liam Fine, and I’m running to be a senator who will represent your interests to the AAS. A little about me: I am from Palm Beach, Fla., and I am a member of the Varsity Golf Team. While I have some ideas to make Amherst the best place it can be, I am more concerned about what you have to say. After all, THIS ELECTION IS ALL ABOUT YOU! To quote Ron Burgundy, “Let’s not be co-workers. Let’s be co-people.” Vote for the “finest” of them all, Liam Fine, and I can assure you we will be co-people.

William Herman
Hearing the voices of our class is my favorite thing about Amherst. But in addition to listening, I want to fight for our voices. Already, I have heard our voices concerned about accessibility to technology. As senator, I plan to facilitate faster and easier printing, fix unreliable Wifi, and streamline the website. Our voices are also concerned about fostering a community where all are safe and respected. As a straight ally and older brother, I will advocate for the continuation of actions that support inclusive community and I will work relentlessly for any new measures needed to ensure this reality.

Camille Herzog
In serving Amherst College as a senator, I’d create a free, on-campus rental center for sports equipment. Often, students on-campus do not have the resources to play all the sports they desire or the space to store their equipment from home. This program will provide everyone — varsity and non-varsity athletes alike — an opportunity to play sports with their friends in a non-competitive atmosphere. More importantly, as a senator, I’d be here to serve you! I truly want everyone to have a great four years here, and I’d love to be part of making that possible for you!

Tiffany Kha
When I visited Amherst for the first time, I just knew that this would be the place that I would call home for the next four years. I knew that I wanted to really be a part of the Amherst community, to have the best experience here possible and for everyone else to also. That’s precisely what I hope to accomplish if elected to Senate. I want to listen to your opinions and to work to improve Amherst College by trying to get an omelet bar in Val, AC in dorms, etc. Have an epiphany and vote for Tiffany!

Rashid (Chico) Kosber
Hello everybody, my name is Chico Kosber. And as a proud member of the Class of 2017, I would love the chance to represent you all this coming year as an AAS senator. The purpose of an AAS Senator is to relay the opinions, wants and desires of the student body to the school’s administration. I am an organized, deliberate and social individual, and above all, I feel that I can effectively represent our class as both your senator and your friend. Please think of my name when you consider who to vote for in this year’s elections.

Casey McQuillan
The best advice I got before coming to Amherst was also the most basic; my English teacher told me, “If you see a mess, clean it up.” It sounded a lot more like something my mom would say about cleaning my room than real advice. However, this cannot be taken so literally: if a friend needs help, help them; if something is wrong, make it right. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t your mess because it’s still your responsibility once you see it. If elected, I promise, regardless of the circumstances, when something is wrong, I will make it right.

Lynndy Smith
I’m Lynndy Smith and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for freshman senate. I am very passionate about the Amherst community and I cannot wait to get involved! My best trait is my ability to find a common ground. I am very skilled at listening to both sides of an argument and coming to a conclusion that satisfies both parties. If elected, I promise to apply this skill to everything I do. I will give everyone a voice. I am eager to get to know all at Amherst and cannot wait for the opportunity to express my enthusiasm in actions.

Siraj Sindhu
My goal to become a Senator is fed by two causes: first, I aim to bring an environmental focus to campus, by supporting programs such as a Bikeshare and the installation of hammocks on the quad. Secondly, I yearn to understand and then bring an end to sexual transgressions on campus, and usher in an era of sexual respect. I will also continue to contribute to political transparency by voicing my Amherst-related thoughts on AC Voice as a first-year staff writer.

Cody Tranbarger
My name is Cody Tranbarger, and I am a member of the class of 2017. After serving for four years in my high school’s student government, I am extremely eager to get involved within the Amherst governing community. As both an athlete and a southerner, I offer the AAS and the students of Amherst the opportunity to increase the diversity of their senate, as well as the opportunity to embrace new perspectives and ideas, consequently leading to a governing body more representative of the diverse community we have on campus.

Joyce Wamala
Looking at the members of my class, Class of 2017, I laugh, casting a retrospective glance at my application and wondering what lies were told to get me a spot on this A team! It’s easy enough to see why: Tess Frenzel is here, she could literally run from here to Boston. Aleks Merkovich, he can play ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on any instrument. Szu-Raj Kothari, rows crew and spends an hour sprinting on a treadmill without breaking a sweat. And then there’s me… what’s my special gift? Vote me, and find out.

George Ward
Hello. First of all I am a student here, which is something we all should have in common. If not, thanks for listening. I am a varsity lacrosse player, and I also play the string bass in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. I have spearheaded volleyball and handball tournaments to fundraise for clubs in high school. I ran tailgates at my high school’s football games and received recognition from Boston’s ESPNHS. In my first semester here I hope to make Val more efficient and see Williams lose on Nov. 9. Thank you.

Yujia (David) Zhang
I’m glad that some of you liked my “election is rare in China” flyer. In high school, I worked in student government, which was under heavy supervision of the school. I often had to make compromise between what I wanted to achieve and what I could achieve. I witnessed a student publication being shut down because of its criticism of cafeteria food pricing, but there was not much I could do about it. I appreciate this opportunity that I never had before: to work in a transparent and autonomous student body. The flyer meant more than a joke to me.