Association of Amherst Students Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 11/13/2013 - 01:52

Class of 2017

Grant Baker
My name is Grant Baker; I have elected to run for the open AAS seat because I feel that I have my experience would make me an effective member on the committee. My junior and senior years of high school were defined by my time as a Student Representative on the Cambridge City School Committee. As a student representative I learned to analyze budgets (both large and small), write policy and advocate for student rights. If you feel that I would be a valuable addition to AAS, I would appreciate your vote.
Grant Baker

Camille Herzog
In serving Amherst College as a senator, I’d create a free, on-campus rental center for sports equipment. Often, students on-campus do not have the resources to play all the sports they desire or the space to store their equipment from home. This program will provide everyone — varsity and non-varsity athletes alike — an opportunity to play sports with their friends in a non-competitive atmosphere. More importantly, as a senator, I’d be here to serve you! I truly want everyone to have a great four years here, and I’d love to be part of making that possible for you!

Reynaldo Pena
I want to be in the Senate because I will have an opportunity to express my opinions as to how to improve the community of which I am part of. As a first year student at Amherst, I recognize that the scope of my understanding of the problems on campus is limited. However, my goal is to focus on the most important issues that affect my classmates. Among these issues are the limited social opportunities that integrate the school as a whole. With the help of my Senate colleagues, I want to find creative solutions that contribute to Amherst’s improvement.

Oluwatobi Oni-Orisan
Hello, my name is Oluwatobi Oni-Orisan but most people know me as Tobi. I believe that my servant-leadership experience as Governor of the Conn. YMCA Youth and Government program makes me the premier candidate for this position. I will make it my duty to further engage the Amherst College community in more on-campus events and opportunities such as raising awareness of career-preparation opportunities and building stronger connections among class years. I know that we, the class of 2017, can make a difference, and this difference begins with your vote for me, Tobi Oni-Orisan.

Jax Reiff
I spoke with a professor about how prestigious academic courses are available for free on the internet. One of the primary reasons that students come to Amherst from often incredible distances is its academic reputation, but with incredible resources available for much cheaper than ~$60,000, what are these students paying for? The college should constantly be addressing this, working to make sure that the full college experience is as enriching as it can possibly be. This is an effort I am very interested in, doing what I can to make living at Amherst as incredible as learning at Amherst.

Lolade Fadulu
I’d like to help with the positive change that is happening on campus. I’d like to do so by offering my thoughts — molded by my own personal experiences and background — and my work ethic. I’m particularly interested in helping student-athletes of color, students from low-income households and substance-free students adjust to Amherst life. In addition, I’d like to help organize fun events that allow one to get to know one’s peers on a deep and sincere level. Some ideas for fun events include sleepovers, dorm hopping, dance parties and more.

David Atkins
I ran for Senate earlier this fall, and appreciated the strong support I received. Many of you felt my student government experience would help me represent your views in the Senate. My platform (www. gives practical solutions to problems students consistently complain about, such as the poor Wifi in Frost and the frustrating Grab-and-Go schedule. If my ideas can make Amherst a better place, I need your vote. More importantly, if you want a candidate who has the experience to listen to you and implement change, I need your vote.

Dae Kang
I have two names: Dae and Sam. Because I am an immigrant to the U.S.A, I can understand the hardship and the feeling of homesickness of international students as “Dae”. Because I lived in the U.S.A. for six years, I can understand the western culture as “Sam”. In Korean Student Association, I enjoy eating kimchi and brown rice as “Dae”. In GlobalMed, I discuss global issues with my friends in English as “Sam”. With my two names and my understanding of eastern and western culture, I want to represent the diversity of Amherst College as a senator.

Pierre-Alexander Low
For those who don’t know me, I’m Pierre-Alexander, or Pierre, or PA, or any form thereof, and I live in North. Like many of you, I’m a freshman unsure of what I want to do in life. However, I do know that I want to represent you guys on AAS. While I don’t yet know quite everyone, I strive to be approachable and bring your great ideas to fruition. Some projects I would personally like to pursue are a bike sharing program, improved WiFi, and anything and everything to make this fantastic place we call home even better! Thank you.