AAS Senate Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 10/01/2014 - 02:08

Areej Hasan ’18

I would absolutely adore representing the class of 2018 in the senate. Not only will I listen to your concerns, but I will also do everything in my power to implement corresponding changes. Teamwork is key to accomplishing anything. So, if you elect me as your senator, I will work with the other senators, the staff, and the administration to actually put your ideas to work, rather than vaguely talk about accomplishing them. Even though we are all still figuring out Amherst, I think we can work together to improve student life. Vote Areej for senate!

Joe Hussen ’18

Hi, my name is Joe Hussen, and I would like to be a class of 2018 senator! I believe the senate is a vital tool for student input, and communication between the student body, administration, faculty, and staff. With previous experience in leadership roles, I will make sure your ideas are heard and given the attention they deserve. I have heard several amazing ideas from the class of 2018 that I would like to implement as soon as I am elected including printers in each dorm, a trip for each class, and Brita water bottle filter systems.

Fawzi Itani ’18

Hi everyone! My name is Fawzi Itani, and I’m super excited to be running for class senator alongside so many talented individuals. Empowerment projects, sustainability, and open dialogues are what I love, but my primary goal with the senate, and as a mediator, will be to voice your concerns — your opinion is what I value! I love meeting people and having conversations, so if you ever need anything or just want to talk, I’m available anytime. We’ve only been together for one fun month and I’m looking to make the rest of our first-year experience the best possible!

Will Jackson ’18

Hi! I’m Will Jackson and I am a first-year from Chicago, Illinois. Here at Amherst I am a member of the club soccer team, and I play French horn in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. As a prospective senator, my goal is to work as an effective liaison between first-year students and the rest of the Amherst community — faculty, administration, and the rest of the student body. I want to ensure that voices from all corners of campus are heard and see to it that we can collectively continue to shape Amherst into the best possible community it can be.

Zoe Kayton ’18

Hello! I’m Zoe and I’m from Florida. I’m currently running a paperless campaign, and I’m interested in working to make our school more environmentally sustainable by decreasing our paper and energy consumption. I’d like to work with IT to educate students on how to use word processing systems to complete more assignments online. I’d also like to organize events to bring us closer as a class. As a senate member, I’d be in a position to better understand our school and to effectively address issues like these.

Natasha Kim ’18

Hi, I’m Tasha and I want to represent you on the student senate. I’m running because I care about our class and our community. I want to find ways to bring our class closer together and to use your input and opinions to improve our experience at Amherst. As a senator I would like to work to start a bikeshare program and find ways to connect students of different classes together. Most of all, I want to hear your ideas and work to help make our Amherst experience the best it can be.

Sophie Lichter ’18

My name is Sophie, and I would love to be one of your senators this year. As I have led several bodies within my German and Canadian student government as well as actively worked in party politics for the last two years, I know the responsibility and enormous potential that comes with leadership. The senate is our platform to mold Amherst into what we students want it to be! Hence, I have been keeping track of your concerns and ideas for improvement, and I would love to work for a better community as your voice on campus!

Scott Nelson '18

Hello Lord and Lady Jeffs (or Moose if that’s your thing). My name is Scott Nelson and I am running for the position of Senator for the Class of 2018. I believe I would be a great representation for our class because of my accountability, approachability, and commitment to ensure that Amherst continues to be a perfect place to call home for our next four years. As Senator, I will strive to bridge the gap between the students and the administrative faculty, with the hope of getting our voices heard, and our questions answered. Thanks so much for your vote!

Savannah Sutherlin ’18

Hi! I’m Savannah, and I just moved here from Arizona. I love it here at Amherst, and I think it’s really important to foster a strong sense of community. I want people to be able to approach me on any issue or idea that comes up throughout the school year. For that reason, I don’t have a “platform.” I’d rather be receptive to the individual needs of students than run my own agenda. It’s a personal goal of mine to meet every first-year at Amherst, so feel free to introduce yourself.

Frank Tavares ’18

I’m Frank Tavares, a candidate for AAS senate. Amherst is a place in flux. It’s a different entity than it was four years ago, and will change again before we leave. It’s up to us to make sure that place is one we are proud to call home. The senators’ most important job is to make sure each student has a hand in crafting that new Amherst. Any representative should be a conduit for their population before an individual. I believe I’m capable of being that conduit, and if you agree, be sure to vote Frank Tavares for AAS senate.

Obinna Adrian Ukogu ’18

My name is Obinna Ukogu, and I want to be your voice. I am fascinated by the democratic process and appalled by how easily our elected representatives become our autonomous rulers. I am a Nigerian and a huge Coldplay fan. I bring with me a considerate mind, an empathetic heart and most importantly a love of bright colors. I am passionate about representing you and would love to be given the opportunity to serve you. Give me a chance to be your mouthpiece, and I will make sure you are heard.

Phillip Yan ’18

Hi, y’all! My name is Phillip Yan, and I am from Dallas, Texas. I dream of becoming a writer and poet one day. For that reason I am looking to major in English (I’m taking three English courses right now!), though nothing is set in stone yet! What is really important to me is communication. I write, because I believe by communicating, no problem is too immense, too daunting, or too burdensome. I’m running for senator for the same reason, because I want to help create a greater connection, a stronger bond, so that together, we may accomplish anything!

Reynaldo Pena ’17

Going into sophomore year has allowed me to see a very different side of Amherst. No more first-year 15, no more attempts from the administration to help us in our “transition” into college, no more unity amidst our dorms as we left behind the highly regarded main quadrangle. As a representative of the class of 2017, I hope to foster a sense of community amidst dorms usually occupied by sophomores by creating dorm events that bring them together as one dorm. The creation of new acquaintances and friendships should not be overlooked as we proceed in our Amherst career.