Association of Amherst Students Executive Board Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 04/08/2015 - 00:57


Oluwatomi Williams ’16
It has been both an honor and a privilege representing the Amherst student body as AAS President these past five months. I am proud of all we have accomplished and the progress the AAS has made in the face of considerable controversy. But there is more to be done. We cannot be satisfied until we, together, have initiated lasting change that will improve our community for all of its members — past, present, and future. It will not be easy, and we will need a leader with experience and an unyielding willingness to collaborate and listen. Please consider voting for me tomorrow.

Taylor Wilson ’16
The job of AAS president consists of connecting with the student body and addressing the underlying problems it faces. There’s a strong sense of frustration among Amherst’s student body — I want to alleviate it through a decentralized approach to student life, focusing especially on the connection between social life and mental health. I believe student-driven social groups can provide crucial emotional support in these circumstances, and I intend to promote their development. Please contact me if you have any questions, and vote Taylor Wilson!

Vice President

William Jackson ’18
The vice president has the unique role of determining how senate meetings are conducted. Thus, the VP is responsible for helping a group of talented and passionate (yet often divided) individuals work together as an effective whole. Having served on senate for a year now, I’ve come to appreciate how each individual senator improves Amherst in his or her own way. Yet, I believe there is much more we can do as an organization to improve the connection between the student body and the administration. I will work extensively both inside and outside of senate to better facilitate this relationship.

Peter Woolverton ’17
After two years at Amherst College, I am excited about taking part in the election process and helping my community in a direct manner as vice president. Over the last year, I have enjoyed serving as your Campus Community Coordinator. Given my experience, I am uniquely equipped to contribute to new ideas and programs for campus life. Furthermore, I am excited to support the voices of our campus community. I hope that, through our enthusiasm, I can help build a more effective Amherst senate that will channel the amazing ideas and energy of our community into positive change at Amherst.


Paul Gramieri ’17
Having worked as a budgetary clerk for the past two years, I’ve been able to meet with students to explain the funding process, make purchases, and understand concerns regarding securing funding. I am running to be your next AAS treasurer so that we can work together to streamline the funding process from start to finish, by simplifying the Budgetary website, ensuring that students are more familiar with funding guidelines, and increasing communication with clubs and Student Activities, all in efforts to ensure that we can continue bringing great speakers to Amherst and having great events on campus. Thank you!


David Dickinson ‘16
I have served as a senator for the class of 2016 over the last year and have gotten to know the AAS as an institution. I am running for secretary because I enjoy connecting my work in the senate with the concerns of the student body, and now I want to apply my organizational abilities and work ethic to making the student body and all its representatives interact smoothly with each other.

Judiciary Council

Hao Liu ’16
Having been a senator for two years and your AAS treasurer for the past year, I had the pleasure and honor of helping students secure funding for their activities and events. As your treasurer, I managed to overturn a budget deficit, persuaded the Athletics Department to take on the insurance of club coaches, and re-introduced WSJ subscriptions, in addition to my daily duties. I seek your support as I run for the JC chair position. If elected, I will work with Dean Brill and the next treasurer to streamline the club budget recognition process. Thank you!