Social Club Vote Postponed Until Fall 2015
Issue   |   Fri, 05/08/2015 - 18:29

The Social Project Work Group announced yesterday that the campus-wide vote on social clubs will be postponed until the fall semester.

The postponement is a result of feedback from many students who wanted revisions to the wording of the social clubs proposal.

James Hildebrand ’15 was concerned that the proposal did not specifically outline how the social clubs would handle issues related inclusivity, sexual respect, alcohol use and physical spaces. Hildebrand met with AAS President Tomi Williams ’16, the chair of the Social Project Work Group, to discuss the proposal. After the meeting, the social club committee agreed to revise the proposal another time before putting it to a vote.

“I think a lot of us wanted to see greater accountability and clearer intention built into the language of the proposal itself,” Hildebrand said. “As a Peer Advocate and QRC staff member, I knew that establishing explicit structural ties with the various centers and educators on campus was a necessary step to making the proposal feasible in the first place.

The revision would have delayed the voting process by one to two weeks, since Williams needed time to meet with different staff members of resource centers on campus, such as Queer Resource Center and the Multicultural Resource Center. Because the semester is almost over, Williams and the committee decided to reschedule the vote for next fall.

“I take it as a sign of good faith that the committee was willing to push the vote back to next semester to make these necessary changes, and I’m thankful that we were able to address them collectively in a constructive way,” Hildebrand said.

Sam Rosenblum '16, a member of the Social Project Work Group, said that the group has not yet worked out the details of the fall vote.

"I don't think we know [yet] whether the vote will be open to incoming first-years or study abroad students," he added.