A Letter from the Committee of Six Regarding Disability and Inclusion
Issue   |   Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:31

This letter was written by the Committee of Six in response to an opinion article by students on the college's disability policies published in The Amherst Student on March 8.

Dear Amherst Students,

As members of the Committee of Six, the executive committee of the faculty, we write to affirm your efforts to raise awareness about issues of disability and inclusion at Amherst. We share your aspiration that the college’s campus, curriculum and community be accessible to everyone — faculty, staff, students and visitors. We have been discussing several of the questions you have raised throughout the year and remain committed to collaborating with you and the administration to make issues of disability and inclusion a top priority. We are willing and eager to meet with you and to learn more about your research and the suggestions you have made, and we look forward to supporting the Office of Student Affairs, the dean of the faculty and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in their continuing efforts to think critically and constructively about how to make Amherst a more inclusive and accessible community for all of us.


Greg Call, Mathematics and Statistics
Judith Frank, English
David Hansen, Chemistry, Biochemistry-Biophysics
Hilary Moss, History, Black Studies
Adam Sitze, Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought
Timothy Van Compernolle, Asian Languages and Civilizations, Film and Media Studies