Mammoths React: Student Thoughts on a Mammoth Unveiling
Issue   |   Wed, 10/25/2017 - 10:00
Olivia Gieger '21
The new Mammoth logo was unveiled at the homecoming bonfire on Friday, followed by a festive evening of musical performances and food.

After a yearlong process of selecting the Mam- moth as the new Amherst mascot, the Mascot Committee, convened by the Board of Trustees, hired the design studio Pentagram to design the actual mascot logo.

The studio describes itself as one of the world’s largest independently-owned design studios and has a vast portfolio of work for large academic institutions in addition to design work for businesses in entertainment, transportation and food and drink. The long-awaited logo was unveiled last Friday at the annual bonfire, kicking off the weekend’s homecoming events. While the logo was met with cheers and shouts, Amherst students and alumni now take time to reflect more on the Mammoth mascot and design:

Kalaya Payne Alex ’17: I like it a lot. The design conveys determination and forward motion, but it’s cute at the same time.
Finally, a mascot I can relate to. In all serious- ness, though, I think it’s very successful as a logo. It reads as a mammoth and it isn’t over complicated.

Michael Barnett ’18: I love the mascot design! I was concerned that the Mammoths would seem like a slow and docile mascot, but the design makes it ferocious which is good for a mascot. I’ve never been more tempted to buy Amherst apparel from AJ Hastings!

Dakota Meredith ’17: From an aesthetic stand-point, I love the way the design is so angular be- cause I think it emphasizes the curve of the tusks (#tusksup). And I’m so glad to have finally gotten a concrete sign that the voices of the campus com- munity protesting Lord Jeff for years have been heard. There was a small part of me that was still worried that the decision to make us the Amherst Mammoths would be overturned somehow, so having the physical logo really makes it real for me.

Alli Bennett ’19E: I love it! I was worried be- cause I’m a cynical human who does not trust this school to do good things ever, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I’m also planning on getting some apparel.

Meg Foye ’21: At first I was unsure about having a mammoth as our mascot and thought it was a little strange, but since I’ve gotten to campus and have actually seen the logo, I like it a lot more.

Rebecca Novick ’21 I was definitely surprised by the mascot — it wasn’t what I pictured in my
mind. But, that said, I think it is a nice balance between an aggressive and cute mascot. Does it represent us well? Can a mascot really represent a student body? I think that the symbolic ideas behind a mammoth are values that the Amherst community should emulate, like strength, kind- ness and intelligence.