College Hall

The College’s comprehensive fee will surpass $60,000 for the first time next year, President Biddy Martin announced last week.

The comprehensive fee — which consists of tuition, room and board — will be $60,400, a 4.2 percent increase from this year’s fee $57,970. Tuition will rise from the current price of $45,800 to $47,720. Room and board will increase from $12,170 to $12,680.

In an industry largely dominated by major research institutions, Amherst College is seeking to make its presence in scholarly publishing with the establishment of Amherst College Press, an initiative created and staffed in part by the College’s Library. Breaking the traditional scholastic publishing model, Amherst College will be the first higher-education institution to run a completely digital open-access press.

Amherst College hosted the second annual First Generation College Student Summit on March 1. A total of 125 students and several faculty members from 23 different college campuses came to attend the event and discuss the issues first generation college students face.

The event was created by Class Action, a non-profit organization based in Boston and founded in Hadley that, according to its website, aims to “explore class-consciousness and dismantle classism, with a particular focus on the intersections between class and race.”

This March, The Association of Amherst Students and the Green Amherst Project will launch the “Green Games,” an environmental sustainability competition among the first year dorm. The six-week long event will continue until April 22, Earth Day.

This Friday, students will have the opportunity to experience a newly upgraded Keefe Campus Center theater, as the Amherst College Film Society hosts its first film screening of the semester. After five days of installations and several months of planning, the IT department recently completed updating the projection and sound systems in the basement theater in Keefe. With the new technological upgrades, the theater will accommodate both movie screenings and classes.