This routine is not daily, but it is familiar: I realize with a good amount of dread that for the last eight hours, I have had no social interaction with live human beings in my schedule. I’ll reach out to friends and try to set something up, but there will be one snag or another and nothing will end up working out (they’re busy, or not on campus, or they really want to focus on this essay, etc.). So I’ll try to work somewhere other than my room, hoping that just being around other people will be enough to soothe my extrovert cravings for companionship.

Every writer with a particular philosophy in mind while writing must maintain an extremely delicate balance between the demands of conveying the aspects of this idea and the demands of the story. “The Right Move,” written by Lara Min ’16, is a great example of one’s position upon this menacing precipice.

In a partnership with the Office of Student Life and the Multicultural Resource Center, photographer Steven Rosenfield visited the college between Feb. 2 and Feb. 5 to work with students on Amherst Community Photo Project.

Amherst College’s African Caribbean Student Union held its annual EXPO-Losion on Nov. 14. The event included a dance showcase featuring members of the African Caribbean Student Union Dance Company and dance groups from several other colleges in the area. The show was hosted by Obi Ezeogu ’19 and Christin Washington ’17. The African Caribbean Student Union also offered the audience members Caribbean cocktail patties and fried dough to eat while they enjoyed the show.