At the close of Election Day (Thursday, Sept. 26), aspiring senators had one last item on their political agenda: the wait. They had done all they could to elicit support from their peers; the election results were scheduled for release that following Saturday at 12 a.m. However, on Friday, Sept. 27, the AAS Elections Committee sent out two school-wide e-mails explaining “E” students were unable to vote on Election Day. Alternative voting was established and the wait for results was extended to Sunday at 1 a.m.

Now entering its fifth year, the Multiculturl Resource Center (MRC) is, to use Interim Director Mariana Cruz’s words, “rebranding” itself. Last academic year, a number of students and administrators pushed for the MRC’s location to be changed to the first floor of Keefe Campus Center. Considering its small funding and lack of widespread events, some questioned whether the MRC was ready to be placed in such a prominent public space. But, supporters believe it’s because of these reasons (and not in spite of them) that the MRC deserves the spot it now occupies.