Marion Holmes Katz, a professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University, spoke about the complicated relationship between law, ethics and Islamic studies on Wednesday, April 12.

Katz focused on the complexities between moral and enforceable law and specifically how they fit into the study of Islam and Islamic law. She spoke about domestic work and the questions posed by modern and ancient thinkers on the moral and legal obligations of women when it comes to fulfilling typical domestic duties.

Visiting Artist-in-Residence Wendy Ewald hosted a panel titled “A Sex and Education Handbook,” to unveil a project created by students in the first-year seminar “Representing Equality” which Ewald co-teaches with black studies and English Professor Rhonda Cobham-Sander. The event took place on Dec. 1 in Frost Library.

The panel discussed the recent publication of “A Sex and Education Handbook,” which includes student essays and photography, as well as student-created sex contracts and a list of resources for students who have been sexually assaulted.

Professor Paul Schroeder Rodriguez received his B.S. in psychology from Georgetown University, M.A. in Spanish from Arizona State University and PhD in Spanish at Stanford University. His academic and research interests are in Latin American cinema and Hispanic literature.

Associate Professor of History Jen Manion received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her doctorate from Rutgers University. Her focus is on women’s and gender studies and early America.

The college’s Writing Center began to offer guidance and training in public speaking, along with its usual writing-related services, starting earlier this month. Associate of Public Speaking Susan Daniels, who was hired by the college this summer, is providing workshops, ongoing events and one-on-one training with students, faculty and staff at Amherst.

Daniels has already worked with professors, first-year students and students who were giving presentations on summer research in the sciences and humanities.