It is extremely difficult to find someone today who has never heard of Rihanna. Whether you have seen her in the tabloids or fashion blogs, watched her in Star Trek or been a long-time fan of her music, there is no doubt you’ve at least had some contact with the multi-talented and incredibly beautiful pop star. Originally coming off the success of a string of singles (which are oddly missing from her new album) and a critically acclaimed children’s movie entitled “Home,” Rihanna is now everywhere in media and has become a household name.

Evan Paul ’18
Staff Writer

About three songs into Cage the Elephant’s newest release “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” I had to double check that I was playing the album on Spotify and not the artist’s radio station. That’s how closely lead singer Matthew Shultz’s drawl resembles Alex Turner’s (the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys) signature voice. I don’t like to call copycat (which has already been done by fans of The Black Keys), but the comparison between Shultz and Turner is uncanny.

We have been dreading it all semester: finals week. Everyone knows the feeling of impending doom that clouds the campus during this time of year, but I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. No, unfortunately, exams and papers are not canceled, but here are a few things to help you out during those times when giving up seems like the easiest plan of action. Without further ado, here are a few musical tips and tricks that are sure to make studying a little easier.

While Studying for a Big Exam

As of yet, the Minnesota-based band Hippo Campus has not released a full-length album. However, the band’s recently released EPs titled “Bashful Creatures” and “South” are providing fans with enough to tide them over until a full-length effort is released.

Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name, Halsey, recently stormed into the music scene with a near-shocking amount of gusto and dedication to her craft. Her first full-length album, “Badlands,” is the latest result of that dedication.
Halsey’s career began when she posted a version of her single “Ghost” to her personal SoundCloud page, which eventually led to her record deal.

When I first met Zalia Rojas, I was attending my first practice for Amherst College’s Gospel Choir, Resurrect. Though she sang brilliantly in the alto section, what really made her stand out were the witty comments she made during our down time. As the semester progressed, it became clear to me that Rojas was more than just funny jokes. She is a generous figure that everyone could count on. Although we weren’t able to form a deeper relationship before Rojas’ time at Amherst was over, she has positively influenced my life in notable ways.

In Jenny Hubbard’s 2014 novel “And We Stay,” the author attempts to explore a teenager’s mind after a tragic loss: the untimely death of her high school boyfriend. After suffering from severe depression and unsure what else she can do, Emily Beam, the protagonist of the novel, ships off to an all girl’s boarding school in Amherst, Massachusetts. Once she’s there, Emily becomes enamored with another Emily — Emily Dickinson. Inspired by the poet, Emily Beam spends her first year at boarding school writing secret poems and harboring an even bigger secret.