The transition from April to May marks the end of several calendars. Our school year is wrapping up, the NHL and NBA seasons are peaking with playoff action and the European soccer leagues are nearing their ends. However, in the wake of all this “ending,” there is a new beginning. Yes, the Amherst College intramural soccer season is on our doorstep, ready to take the campus by brief and jam-packed storm.

The 2017 Masters tournament brought together the world’s best golfers to drive, pitch and putt on the tricky Augusta course. Although golf isn’t exactly a physical sport, the Augusta course can be described as arduous, and the four-day affair is not one for the weak-minded.

The players have caddies to carry their clubs and never move above a brisk walk, but the mental strife that players face over more than half a week take the mental toll of a marathon.

In the wake of Saturday night’s Duke vs. North Carolina game, which saw the Tar Heels clinch the regular season ACC championship crown, the annual excitement of March Madness began. Now, on the dance’s doorstep, teams will compete in their conference tournaments to determine who gets the automatic bids and who has to romance the stone hoping for an at-large bid.

In the wake of one of the best Super Bowls of all time, there comes this lull in sport action. The time between the end of the NFL season and the beginning of March Madness, also known as February, allows us sports fans to check out some of the lesser-known competitions.

Ever felt like you’re so close yet so far away? Sort of like the Val line on buff chick wrap day. You know there’s that glorious breaded chicken rolled into a cozy tortilla snuggie waiting only for your consumption. Patiently you wait — sometimes all by yourself with no conversation to distract you from the long wait. Finally, you round the bend. The wraps are in your line of sight, but hordes of people still stand in your way. Then, at long last, you stand at the front of the line.

With the NBA season officially underway this Tuesday, Oct. 25, there is plenty of chatter from hometown fans either high on their hopes or bracing for another mediocre season. The national conversation, however, focuses purely on the rise of the “superteam”, The Golden State Warriors. The Oakland-based squad is the large favorite in Vegas and in the minds of all sports analysts. They were largely regarded as the best team in the league last year, breaking the 1995-96 Bulls’ previously untouchable regular season record. They lost an unprecedented nine games in an 82-game season.

This past year of sports has truly been a blessing. Three out of the four major sports saw fireworks in their respective championship games. First, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a three games to one deficit to beat the winningest single team in NBA history. Come autumn, the Chicago Cubs pulled off the same comeback to win their first World Series since 1908, ending the longest championship drought in MLB history.