Spring break is supposed to be a fun and relaxing week, where students can unwind and rest before the final weeks of the academic year. For the first few days of my spring break, this was the case. However, on Wednesday, my phone decided that it did not want to work anymore. This fact on its own would not normally cause stress; like most people, my phone has broken in the past. But this time was different. My phone wasn’t just cracked, it wasn’t just unable to connect to a cellular network, it wasn’t just randomly quitting out of apps — all things I have encountered in the past.

In general, my music taste does not align well with that of my peers. Primarily, I enjoy a category of music known to many as “jam-rock,” wherein bands improvise long passages of music. These jams can be wandering, dissonant and altogether weird; it is no surprise that they are not everyone’s cup of tea. This is to say that often, when I am in a position to see one of my favorite bands live in concert, I don’t believe that any of my friends will enjoy the show enough to warrant attending with me.

On Feb. 19, 2015, Harris Wittels, a comedy writer best known for his work on “Parks & Recreation,” passed away from a heroin overdose. He was only 30 years old. In his short life, he managed to become one of the most sought-after joke writers in Hollywood. In addition to “Parks & Rec,” Wittels was a writer for HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” as well as for the popular Funnyordie.com series “Between Two Ferns.”

On Monday, Feb. 12, it was announced that Michelle Wolf (who is my favorite comedian) will be getting her own weekly Netflix late night show. I was very, very excited when I heard this news; I have been a big fan of Wolf’s for a while, and it has been wonderful to see her gain notoriety and success. However, there was a small part of me that was saddened by this news, since Michelle Wolf was my go-to suggestion for who should host one of the “major” late night shows on CBS, NBC or ABC.

Last week, I wrote an in-depth article detailing my issues with the Amherst party policy. I had to read through the policy many times, and I also had to think very hard about what I was writing. The laws of the universe dictate that, since last week was serious, this week’s column must be silly and mostly irrelevant. Sorry, editors! There’s nothing I can do! It’s the law of the universe! With that in mind, here are “Seven More Things I like or Don’t Like”:

The recently-updated party policy is thoroughly disappointing. It further infantilizes students, and does little to nothing to fix issues it should be designed to remedy. In fact, there is so much wrong with this policy that I couldn’t even get to all of it; I addressed only what I found to be the most egregious issues with the policy.

The longer I have been at Amherst, the more my opinion of Valentine Dining Hall has soured. This is not to say that I have a problem with the way the dining hall is run, and of course it is not to say anything derogatory about the incredible Val staff. I have simply become tired of the limited food options. Our cyclical meal schedule is the main culprit for my weariness of Val’s food; I like most of the “Traditional” lunch and dinner options, but many of them occur so often that they’ve lost their zeal.