Expectations were a mile high for Super Bowl XLVIII; a promising matchup pitting thetop seeds from each conference against each other in the nation’s biggest city.

The hype assured an unforgettable game. Many predicted a “blizzard bowl” with treacherously frigid conditions. Pundits expected that the weather would be a determining factor in a team’s success in the Super Bowl. Cold temperatures supposedly favoring Seattle and their number top ranked defense, while warmer temperatures favoring Denver and their top ranked offense.

Normally, with Week 13 of the NFL season in the rearview mirror, discussion mounts about Aaron Rodgers’ candidacy for Most Valuable Player. However, this year is different.

There is still chatter about Aaron Rodgers, but it surrounds the fractured collarbone he suffered in Week 9 against the Chicago Bears.

Rodgers, the 2011 NFL MVP and Superbowl XLV MVP, has become a co-poster-child for the NFL alongside quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Eight weeks into the 2013-2014 season, it is time for playoff predictions for each of the eight NFL divisions. Who are the dark horses though, and who may go on a late season run taking take the league by surprise?

NFC East: Cowboys (4-4), Eagles (3-5), Redskins (2-5), Giants (2-6)

Let’s start with what was predicted to be the most competitive division in football, but now looks to be the worst division.

None of the teams in the NFC East are above .500, and none of them seem poised for a strong playoff campaign.

April showers bring May flowers, and the dog days of August bring the Sundays of September. With the beginning of fall at Amherst, classes resume, the temperature begins to drop, but, most importantly, NFL football is back. Three weeks into the season, there is already an abundance of headlines. Many of the usual suspects continue to exert their dominance, but there are also some new sheriffs in town. Much of these teams’ early success can be attributed to some old faces in new places.

Teams that Have Impressed