Few phenomena of modern life are more inane than an accidental inter-office reply-all. And yet, the Amherst campus reacted passionately to Biddy’s school-wide email: “This is the wrong version. What happened, Pete?” On Facebook and via text message, to neighbors in class and among chatting friends in Valentine, we all — the whole campus in unity — pounced on Biddy’s email, recognizing it for its comedic gold. Unsatisfied with the competition for friends’ laughs and Facebook likes, students organized a protest in support of Pete.

Too often, we all get caught up in a routine. An over-scheduled, hectic routine, but a routine nonetheless. Of course, it’s easy to fall into this pattern. Of course, the activities we choose are fun. Considering, however, all the great organizations and clubs on campus, I suggest for you to try something new. Be spontaneous.