A triple major with a formidable mind, Daniel Ang is a true poster child for the liberal arts. While majoring in math, music and physics, Ang has composed award-winning musical works, including a thesis, and conducted groundbreaking research in the lab. To Ang, the liberal arts education has made these milestones possible. He was able to meaningfully explore many disciplines, all while connecting and collaborating with professors and peers in an “irreplaceable” way.

Two Passions

The Office of Environmental Sustainability held an informational meeting on April 28 about an initiative to develop a Climate Action Plan for the college. Director of Sustainability Laura Draucker is leading a task force of students, faculty and staff in developing the plan. It aims to set comprehensive plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the college and create strategies to achieve them.

Students in the Green Amherst Project have designed an Amherst College bike share program and are in the process of executing the program on campus. The bike share program, which is to be implemented by spring 2016, will be open to all Amherst students and available across the campus. Green Amherst Project members Alisa Bajramovic ‘18 and Becky Danning ‘16 are the current organizers of the program.

The idea was first conceived by Green Amherst Project members Ben Walker ’16 and Bob Neel ’16.

The Amherst College Outing Club organized a trip to Utah’s Zion National Park over spring break, part of a planned series of trips called “Out of Amherst.” The trip’s goal was to bring together students from across campus in an environment similar to the First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips.

This was the first time since 2005 that the club has organized a major spring break trip, and the first trip to include non-Outing Club members.

This week Provost Peter Uvin invited students, faculty and staff to participate in a series of conversation called Amherst Reflects, part of a follow-up and response to the Day of Dialogue held earlier this semester.

The Green Amherst Project will host its second annual Green Games next week. The Green Games are a competition between the first-year dorms to see which can be the most environmentally friendly. Winners will be determined by measuring dorms’ respective water, electricity and waste usage over the four-week duration of the event.

Interior renovations to Valentine Dining Hall completed over interterm drew mixed responses from students returning to campus.