This week Provost Peter Uvin invited students, faculty and staff to participate in a series of conversation called Amherst Reflects, part of a follow-up and response to the Day of Dialogue held earlier this semester.

The Green Amherst Project will host its second annual Green Games next week. The Green Games are a competition between the first-year dorms to see which can be the most environmentally friendly. Winners will be determined by measuring dorms’ respective water, electricity and waste usage over the four-week duration of the event.

Interior renovations to Valentine Dining Hall completed over interterm drew mixed responses from students returning to campus.

The Office of Student Affairs plans to initiate discussions with the college community this semester about the possibility of creating residential “neighborhoods” among campus dormitories.

The neighborhood plan was first proposed during the strategic planning process last spring. Vasquez cited the success of similar programs at other institutions, including the University of Notre Dame, as inspirations for proposed changes.