Q: What arts are you involved in?
A: I do visual art, digital design and drawing. My favorite media are ink and charcoal — really like the high contrast you can get.

Mary Beth Meehan’s open-mindedness and awareness shape her visualizations of other people’s lives through photography.

Through her interest in the way the world can be “studied and digested into narrative,” Meehan proves that there is always more to be heard from the people we pass on the street. Writing a portrait about someone who takes them so thoughtfully is not an easy undertaking, but this unease speaks to the magnitude of Meehan’s abilities.

Stories are Greater than Frames

Caroline Katba’s distinctive style had caught my eye in passing the many times I had seen her smoking a cigarette and holding intent conversations on the sunlit benches in front of Frost.

In her black leather pumps, perfectly tailored dresses and red lipstick, Katba has a commanding, glamorous presence. She is a little intimidating in the way that she seems older than she really is, a cosmopolitan quality that makes perfect sense taking into account the independence with which she has carried herself throughout her life.