Sally Marx ’14 knew that if Hillary Clinton ever ran for president, she was going to be part of it. A Bethesda, Maryland native, she has been following the former Secretary of State’s lengthy public career and admiring Hillary as a strong female role model since she was old enough to recognize Clinton’s face on television and in the news. “She’s such a kindhearted person, you could see that from afar,” said Marx on what initially drew her to Clinton. She continued to trace Clinton’s sometimes turbulent career as she committed to play basketball at Amherst College.

“You have a girl crush,” my teammates responded, after I finally stopped raving about the hour I spent interviewing Rachael Abernethy at breakfast.
I opened my mouth to protest, but further consideration resulted in unabashed agreement. I was starstruck. Abernethy was everything I, as an incoming first-year, imagined an Amherst student would be. We met for a crowded 9 a.m. Val breakfast, but even amongst the gossip, debate, and chatter, Abernethy made me feel as though I was the only person in the room.