At 4:46 on Sunday, I received an e-mail stating that somebody had written the n-word in the snow on a car outside of the Lord Jeff Inn. At 5:31 and 6:30 that same day, I received e-mails about student-organized meetings to discuss this incident. The message seemed to be, “We will do whatever it takes to fight this hatred.” I was glad to see the strong student reaction to this. Complacency is unproductive, and I am proud that as a student body we have fought against the so-called “Amherst Apathy.”

For many people, this coming May marks the end of an era. “Desperate Housewives,” a show that has been running since 2004, is currently on its eighth and final season. Viewers who have stuck with the show since the beginning are used to story arcs that involve deceit, secrecy, murder, angst, sex and almost comical levels of drama. This current season is no exception. During the finale of the seventh season, Gabrielle Solis’ sexually abusive stepfather, who is supposed to be dead, pays her a visit.