Once upon a time, in a recording studio far away, Kevin Smith and his producing partner Scott Mosier settled into episode 259 of their weekly podcast, SModCast. As the session began, Smith began to read and discuss a fake, yet hilariously intriguing, sublet ad that was posted on a website called Gumtree on June 6, 2013. The advertisement described an older man looking to rent a bedroom within his house to an individual or a party of two.

As the internet will tell you, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” has been subject to some pretty polarized reviews. Many critics have praised the film for a great cast, amazing effects and exciting fight scenes, but others have pointed out some detrimental flaws. From a convoluted ensemble of villains to questionable narrative choices, it seems that the general consensus of this year’s take on everyone’s favorite web-slinger is that it’s below average at best.

As a diehard Dallas fan, I have become accustomed to watching the Super Bowl with a combination of disappointment, feigned excitement and intense jealousy. Yet in the breaks between the on-field action, I can always take solace in the only sources of respite from mourning my poor Cowboys: the Super Bowl ads. From Doritos to every car model known to the modern world, brands battle for global supremacy and notoriety in an advertisement showdown.