For coaches in today’s NBA, simply winning is not enough. Teams are increasingly aggressive and impatient in evaluating coaches. Last season, after being named the NBA’s Coach of the Year, George Karl — a great coach — was unceremoniously let go by the Denver Nuggets due to a lack of postseason success. Vinny Del Negro — a bad coach — improved upon the Los Angeles Clippers’ record in each of his three years in charge before the Clips announced they would not be extending his contract.

Individual superstars matter less in baseball than in most other team sports. As opposed to basketball, where the addition of a single star player can alter the fortunes of an entire franchise, stud ballplayers impact their teams’ title chances much less.

One of the most controversial talking points of the NBA over the past season has been the matter of tanking. Adam Silver, the NBA’s new commissioner, has declared that tanking does not exist: teams are simply looking to rebuild. On the other hand, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, has claimed that tanking is absolutely an ongoing issue. So what gives?

Each year as spring rolls around, sports fans are treated to the greatest month in sports. As the frozen tundra we call home becomes habitable, students across campus emerge from hibernation to play in or attend sporting events.

Every four summers, soccer fandom in the United States reaches new heights. As the best players around the globe gather in search of the most coveted trophy in soccer, everyone seems to be in a better mood. The combination of competitive soccer, summer and patriotism leads to a special atmosphere around every World Cup.