When I fell on hard times over the summer, I turned to writing. I wrote down my thoughts and feelings. I poured my heart out. Then, when I was finished, I shared the story with my friends online. I confided, and in doing so, relinquished ownership of my story. My history — my life — was no longer just mine. It was now also the readers’. Through surrender, I had achieved catharsis. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I could finally breathe.

Q: What is your thesis about?

Faculty voted to approve a 13-week calendar for the spring 2017 academic semester on Tuesday, April 19. The new calendar, which will be implemented for the next three spring semesters, will replace one week of classes from the current 14-week spring calendar with a “reading and reflection period.” This time will consist of four days of reading period and three days reserved for snow days or a day of dialogue.

Q: What is your thesis about?

Students gathered to hear Buzzfeed senior political reporter McKay Coppins speak on his experiences following Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last Thursday, April 7, in the Center for Humanistic Inquiry. The talk, titled “Life on the Trump Trail,” was co-sponsored by the Religion Department and the Willis D. Wood Fund.

Visiting professor of religion Max Mueller introduced Coppins for the talk.

Students gathered at the Center for Humanistic Inquiry in Frost Library for a discussion on class, race and affirmative action on Sunday, Feb. 28. This was the third meeting in a series of “Dialogues about Race” organized by professor of philosophy Jyl Gentlzer.

Gentzler said that she started the series after the events of Amherst Uprising, incorporating dialogue training that she had received from the college.

Suzanne Coffey has accepted an extension to her appointment as chief student affairs officer, President Biddy Martin announced on Feb. 3. This month marked the expiration of Coffey’s original two-year appointment.

The chief student affairs officer position was established in Feb. 2014 after the resignation of Jim Larimore as dean of students.