Faculty and students gathered in Johnson Chapel for a forum on students’ academic workload on Nov. 17. The forum was structured as an open mic event, and students took turns on stage discussing their experiences with workload.

Professor Deborah Holoien completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in psychology and Japanese Language and Culture and received her doctorate in psychology from Princeton University.

Lilia Paz ’16 is writing a European Studies thesis on an order of Spanish nuns. She was inspired to choose this topic while studying abroad in Spain last year. Her thesis adviser is Smith College religion professor Carol Zaleski.

This piece is inspired by Thomas Dumm’s article “Taking Yourself Seriously,” which appeared in the Amherst Disorientation Guide.

I write this letter to the few: the few students on campus who struggle under the weight of participating in too many extracurriculars. I write as someone who has walked this path, and who had diverged from it. I also write as a human speaking on the aspect of our condition that is loneliness.

Five College Assistant Professor of History Adi Gordon has previously taught at Hebrew University, Tulane University and the University of Cincinnati. He is currently working on a biography of Hans Kohn, a Jewish-American philosopher and historian.