Manuela Picq is a Karl Loewenstein fellow and a Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science. She attended Pierre Mendes-France University, where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history. She received her doctorate degree in international studies from the University of Miami.

Valentine Dining Hall discarded the usage of trays for the first time during the second week of interterm after over 650 students signed a petition organized by the Green Amherst Project (GAP) asking the dining hall to conserve water by going trayless.

President Martin addressed the Amherst community in the aftermath of the presidential election on Wednesday, Nov. 9 in Johnson Chapel, less than a day after Republican Party candidate Donald Trump won the election. After her speech, group discussions were held in the Powerhouse and Keefe Campus Center.

Her speech followed an email sent to all college students, staff and faculty earlier in the day, in which she asked members of the Amherst community to join her in processing the results of the election.

Amherst’s Women’s Group staged a “Val Sit” on Thursday, Oct. 20, in which women students occupied part of the back room of Valentine Hall to spread awareness and start discussion about male-dominated spaces on campus.

Along with sitting at tables in Val’s back room, which are typically used by sports teams, the group displayed posters with questions prompting students to respond.

As the first director of the college’s new Department of Emergency Management, Tamara Mahal manages crises for the college, including coordinating the school’s current response to the ongoing drought in western Massachusetts, and helping the school remain prepared for a potential emergency.

Before coming to Amherst, Mahal created her own emergency management startup company, Firefly, which managed finances for disaster relief. She also worked as a consultant for the FBI and the Federal Emergency Management Agency within the field of disaster response.