Trevor Hyde ’12
Major: Mathematics
Thesis Advisor: David Cox

What is your thesis about?

English Professor Christopher Grobe grew up in Chicago. He received his Bachelors of Science, Masters of Arts, Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. from Yale Univ.

What brought you to Amherst?

Dang Trinh ’12
Major: Mathematics
Thesis Advisor: Tanya Leise

What is your thesis about?

It’s a statistics thesis where I’m focusing on a particular branch of statistics that focuses on time series data. Specifically, I’m focusing on time series of stock prices and stock volatilities of 500 stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500, daily data going back to 1962. So essentially I have data of about 6-7 million cells.

Is this a crossover with the economics department?

Mathematics Professor Rebecca Torrey received her Bachelors of Science from American Univ. She received her Masters of Science from the Univ. of Vermont and her Doctor’s of Philosophy in Mathematics degree from King’s College in London.

What brought you to study math?

Tim Clark ’12
Major: Classics
Thesis Advisor: Christopher van den Berg

What’s the topic of your thesis?

Mathematics Professor Corey Manack graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Ohio State Univ. He received his Masters of Sciences and Ph.D. from Indiana Univ.

What brought you to Amherst?
Well, honestly when I interviewed here, I thought it was a terrific school, and from what I’d heard about it, I thought it was an excellent place to teach, even for a visiting position. It was the best school I applied to, and when they offered, I accepted immediately. The students have been great, the faculty’s been great; it’s strange to be at a place where everyone’s happy.