Anonymous (not verified) says:
Wed, 03/07/2012 - 21:11

The problem is that other people are trying to revive this chain. There should not be an unauthorized campus-wide listserv.
1. Amherst email accounts have limited storage space. Yes, one could forward emails to other accounts, like Gmail. However, sending messages from multiple email addresses can be confusing to recipients, which should be avoided when applying to internships or jobs. If one's mailbox goes over the limit, even over the course of a few hours, someone might miss important messages (class assignments, on-campus jobs, internship or job interviews, etc.).
2. The abuse of the email list is not limited to sports teams. For example, a group of first year RC's used the list to advertise an instance of community service. While it's great to have people attend both sporting and service events, no one should have used that chain, including the author of this article when she misplaced her belongings.
3. As the author points out, there are a large number of teams, clubs, organizations, and events on campus. To receive frequent emails about all of these happenings would not amount to a few emails per day. If there was an invite and a reminder for every occurrence, there would be hundreds of emails each week. Unlike Val and, for the most part, Facebook, many students use their email accounts for predominantly academic and professional purposes. (Additionally, students advertising events are not equivalent to department coordinators or other staff members, who have authorization to send campus-wide emails.) Receiving emails about every event would be more than annoying and a show of disrespect for the privacy of others. It would fill up people's mailboxes to a level that could be very detrimental if they miss other emails.
4. The tone of Matt's email was unnecessarily sarcastic. Yet, if someone asks to stop receiving emails, others should oblige. One might consider his complaint to be unwarranted, but one should remove his name regardless. Both the people who sent campus-wide emails and those who continue to defend the listserv's existence should respect the requests of others, particularly while the school's current policy remains on the books.

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