Ahh, January. A time when our self-confidence is, paradoxically, both at its highest and lowest. Those of us who are not cynics view ourselves as a bottomless pit of potential and promise — this will be the year, we think, when we do all the things we’ve been meaning to do and improve ourselves until we become a perfect, shining example of a human being! This will be the year to finally start working out and get that model body, to stop procrastinating on homework, to repair all our relationships!

“Shame” is about Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a sex addict whose ill-kept personal life takes a downturn when his volatile and damaged sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) visits. If you read this review just for the plot, then feel free to move on to the next section, for that is really all there is to it. Yet even with this simple premise, “Shame” haunted me for a week. It clutches on quietly, converting reality into lavish long shots and close-ups that brim the bold, powerful feature.

On February 7, Van Halen will release their first album since 1984’s appropriately titled “1984” with original lead singer David Lee Roth, entitled “A Different Kind of Truth.” Considering that the band is often given the title of America’s best hard rock band, this is no small news. While I would rank a handful of American hard rock bands higher, the title isn’t unwarranted.

Ben Colon ’12
Major: Theatre and Dance
Thesis Advisor: Connie Congdon

Tell me about your thesis.
My thesis is a two-part playwriting thesis. The first part consists of writing a play [“The Freedman’s Son,” which was staged in November] and the second part consists of writing about the writing process. I’m working on the second part right now.

Physics Professor David Hanneke graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Case Western Reserve Univ. He received his Masters of Arts and Ph.D. from Harvard University.

This Saturday, Jan. 28, the College Career Center will be hosting a free administration of the Bloomberg Institute’s Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT). The three hour long exam is designed by educational consultants working with the Bloomberg Institute to evaluate the aptitude of individuals wishing to pursue careers in finance or consulting.

The College recently held the fourth annual Gerald R. Fink ’62 Bioscience Symposium. Over 150 students registered for the event, which is the largest registration the symposium has received thus far. The subject of the symposium, proposed by Dr. Fink himself was “The Value of Taking Risks Early in a Career.” The Class of ‘62 sponsored the event.
“It is extremely gratifying since this symposium lands on our 50th reunion year,” said George Carmany ’62. Carmany is one of the founders and organizers of the symposium.