Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Young Advancement Leadership Council is running the first ever “Love My Alumni Week,” an event that gives students an opportunity to express gratitude to alumni. The event started on Feb. 13 and will be running through Feb. 16, at Keefe Campus Center.

“We are trying to raise awareness for all that alumni do for this college,” said Director of the Parents Fund Eva Rosenn ’83. “We want to make sure that students understand that Amherst depends on alumni support.”

Leaders face numerous challenges. One challenge that seems to escape the glamour of recognition, however, is the challenge of giving up one’s own leadership. This is one of the toughest challenges any leader can face, and it is the final struggle. After he has battled all the external forces that prevent him from achieving his goal, this leader realizes that he himself is an obstacle to progress.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a large number of heated debates sparking around campus — most of them starting with, or popularized through articles that appeared on The Student website. These articles have not just received a large number of views and comments but have people talking everywhere from Facebook to Val.

In various forums this past week, Amherst students have been in heated debate as they voice their opinions regarding this year’s Spring Concert. While the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) funds the Program Board, its decisions regarding any events (including the Spring Concert) rest solely on the Program Board itself, and students have been demanding answers from both.

Mathematics Professor Rebecca Torrey received her Bachelors of Science from American Univ. She received her Masters of Science from the Univ. of Vermont and her Doctor’s of Philosophy in Mathematics degree from King’s College in London.

What brought you to study math?

Tim Clark ’12
Major: Classics
Thesis Advisor: Christopher van den Berg

What’s the topic of your thesis?

On Saturday, the women’s basketball team closed out its perfect regular season with an 80-50 win over Middlebury after defeating Williams 70-55 on Friday night. The win against Williams marked the Jeffs’ 32nd consecutive win in conference play, setting a new NESCAC record.