It’s sad that I have to write this article. It’s sad that anyone has to write about this, fight against this or live this out as their life; but the alternative is that the world remains blissfully ignorant or carelessly apathetic.
I’m writing about the crimes against humanity waged by some of the absolute regimes across the world. This is an article that shouldn’t need to be written. Say what you like about relative morality, but deep down, there are things that you just know are wrong, things that you can feel in your gut. This is one of those things.

Anna Hager ’12, Alexa Hetwer ’13, Gavin Front ’12, Kaytee Turetsky ’12, Jacon Powers ’13, Jillian Stockmo ’13 write in as part of the Amherst College Mental Health Task Force to inform the students about mental health on campus.

A worrying refrain among the comments on The Student’s website during the recent debates on heated issues on campus was that The Student should have censored or “hacked off” certain student voices, believing them to be irrational or offensive.

Whether you will enjoy “PINA” or not largely depends on your attitude toward modern dance. For dance aficionados (like me), “PINA” is a vivacious feast of inspirations; for the rest, it is an almost two-hour long chronicle of crazy people dancing their limbs and brains out.

MTV’s latest scripted comedy, “I Just Want My Pants Back,” made its debut on Thursday, Feb. 2 to a reception ranging from accepting and optimistic to downright furious. Based on David J. Rosen’s 2007 novel of the same title, the series revolves around the lives of four 20-something year-olds as they navigate the post-college haze of booze, sex and unemployment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Amherst placed 20th out of 34 teams at the Open New England Championships on Friday and Saturday, where they competed against the top New England runners across all divisions. Senior Ben Scheetz set the Div. III record in the 800-meter run. His time of 1:47.43 earned him second place, behind a Div. II runner who kicked it into gear for the final stretch.

Gunning for the program’s first NESCAC title in three years, the men’s hockey team surged into the conference semifinals with a dominating 6-0 win over Hamilton last weekend.

The NESCAC-leading Jeffs (21-3-1, 17-1-0 league) — ranked No. 3 in the nation — will face off against Williams at Orr Rink on Saturday afternoon, with a berth to the championship game on the line.