Women’s Tennis

Last weekend, the women’s tennis team traveled to Wellesley College to compete in the Nor’Easter Bowl. The third-ranked Lady Jeffs dominated the competition and, with three straight impressive performances, earned themselves the tournament crown.

As March turned to April, the men’s and women’s track teams flipped the page on their winter season and turned their full attention to the spring. After focusing on indoor running for several months, the outdoor season was finally underway.

Both teams were set to begin their seasons together at the Tufts Snowflake Classic on March 31, a non-scoring annual meet that generally serves as a prime opportunity to kick into gear for the remainder of the season.

Last week saw intense drama regarding a possible scandal in the AAS E-Board elections; the details of the incident, now notorious amongst the student body, do not need to be repeated here. While The Student would like to refrain from commenting directly on the incident until the Judicial Council releases its official verdict due this Thursday, we would like to talk about a related topic that students raised both in reference to our recent article and in the past: accusations that The Student is biased, sensationalist or lacking journalistic integrity.

It’s only been four days, and we are already in disaster mode. That’s saying a lot, given that the Yankees are also 0-3 and that, at this time of year, that would usually be grounds for the talk-radio masses to cry, “It’s ovah! The Yankees are done!”

Really, though. This team headed north with question marks galore, and, after only one series, we can see exactly why.

Both the men’s and the women’s basketball teams enjoyed very successful seasons this winter. The men’s team entered post-season play in both the NESCAC and NCAA tournaments, earning their fifth NESCAC title and ending their formidable run in the Sweet Sixteen. The women’s team earned an undefeated regular season, snagged their fourth NESCAC title and made their way to the semifinals of NCAA play. But perhaps more impressively, both teams took a time out while in season to work together on a community engagement project. On Feb.

I’m slightly obsessed with elections, so I found out about the election complaint when I checked to see if the results were up at midnight Saturday morning (it displayed a short message entitled “Election Complaint”). Unlike the candidates at issue, however, I wasn’t able to secure any of the then-classified information on the subject, instead finding out the details in the early-released article in The Student.

To the numerous students (and one gorilla) who joined us this past Monday: thanks! It was an eventful Senate meeting to say the least and we always love having students who are interested in campus issues.