Women’s basketball rebounded from its first loss in a big way, handing Middlebury a 65-45 loss before demolishing Trinity in the NESCAC Championship quarterfinals on Saturday, 80-34.

The sixth-ranked Lord Jeffs (24-1, 9-1 NESCAC) pulled away late against Middlebury with strong defense and dominated all facets of the game against the Bantams to put the team in prime position to secure their fourth straight NESCAC title game appearance.

So here you are with this crush of yours, this person for whom you have deep feelings. The only thing that is stopping you from pursuing your crush other than the obvious fears and qualms is your sexuality; you’re questioning where you might be on the sexual spectrum.

Indie video games often fall into roughly two categories: those that experiment with a novel core game mechanic and those that pay homage to tried-and-true tropes of classic gaming while turning them on their head. Recently released and catching my attention, Anodyne, a top-down Legend of Zelda-inspired adventure game, resides firmly within the latter category. I felt like I was taking a (tiny) chance buying this little indie game I’d yet to hear anything about, but I trusted the retro 16-bit surreal art style to deliver, at the very least, a quirky distraction.

Valentine’s Day marked the last day of New York Fashion Week, a biannual event dedicated to designer clothing, gorgeous models and chic spectators lining the sidewalks around Lincoln Center like Amherst students in Val at the lunch rush.

It’s that time again: Time for me to have an excuse to talk about the Oscars without complaining about how meaningless they are! But seriously, the Oscar nominations proved me wrong this year by taking some interesting chances and meting out some snubs which, whether I agree with them or not, at least show the Academy is perfectly willing to upset the public if it wants to. There are surprisingly few locks this year, especially in comparison to recent years, and I can honestly say I’m not 100 percent on most of these picks.

The difficulty in booking an act for the Super Bowl Half-Time Show is finding a performer whom 108 million American viewers will not find controversial.