Last Thursday, April 18, Amherst students overwhelmingly responded “yes” to an AAS student survey on coal divestment. The survey asked students if Amherst College should “divest from the coal industry (corporations engaged in coal extraction, mountain-top removal, coal refinement),” and provided informational sources for those who wanted to learn more before voting. Receiving 88 percent approval and recording nearly as many responses as the AAS presidential elections, the survey reflected strong student body commitment to coal divestment.

Many students have perceived a dramatic increase in the number of parties shut down for noise complaints, overcrowding, the presence of alcohol and various other reasons this year over previous years, but according to John Carter, Chief of the Amherst College Police, this perception is not supported by the facts. Only four more student gatherings were shut down this year compared to the same time period (July to April) last year, an increase from 142 to 146.

My name is Lock Whitney, and I’m an aspiring entrepreneur. My project represents a combination of my two main interests: small business and food! I have some background in both fields, namely as the owner of Amherst College’s student-owned used textbook store, The Option, and I have worked and volunteered on four organic farms in America and in France.

I learned a lot this week about dining out, starting with the fact that honesty can be difficult but absolutely worth it, particularly when it can lead to commiserating over a meal that wasn’t as enjoyable as you wanted it to be.

With the benefits of time, money and experience, most video game series improve over time. Adding new game mechanics, scrapping the bad ideas and especially boosting graphics quality all keep a franchise alive. In a very strange move, one particular game, Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, bucks the trend.

Over the past 20 years, the man who invented the blockbuster film has time and time again attempted to retain his title as the king of popular entertainment in cinema while also distancing himself from the notion that he is a purely populist filmmaker cynically attempting to earn maximum profit at the expense of quality. In order to accomplish this he’s resorted every few years to the not-too-subtle tactic of releasing two movies within the same calendar year, one a serious drama and the other a big “event” motion picture designed to appeal to teenagers and children.

The Amherst track & field teams traveled to Williams this past Saturday to compete in the Little III Championships. The men had a strong second place showing with a total of 111 points ahead of Wesleyan (97) but behind Williams (169). The women fell short, only totaling 70 points, behind both Williams (187) and Wesleyan (105).