There’s a lot to be said about “Looper,” but perhaps the most important speaks less to the successes of the film than to the dreary state of the pseudo-genre “time travel” movie and the larger science fiction genre as a whole.

The juggernaut men’s soccer team continued its perfect start to the season last weekend, grinding out a 2-0 victory at Tufts to spoil the Jumbos’ homecoming on Saturday. This week, the Jeffs, ranked No. 2 in the nation, improved their record to 8-0-0 (4-0-0 NESCAC).

During the seven-match winning streak, Amherst has outscored opponents by a staggering 24-1 margin. Furthermore, the Jeffs have won each game by at least two goals, avoiding the stressful one-goal contests that are so common in soccer. (Six of 16 of Amherst’s wins last year were one-goal affairs).


The Jeffs finished a respectable fifth out of 10 over the weekend at the NESCAC Fall Qualifier against the league’s stiffest competition.

Slowly, but as surely as ever, the outdoors fade from glorious summer to tired winter. Sleeves that only just covered the shoulders begin to cover elbows, and soon will cover wrists. The occasional evergreen stands in ever-increasing contrast to its surroundings. But instead of monotonic thermal decline, the natural world offers one last burst of vibrancy, a burst that makes autumn the loveliest time of year to live in the Pioneer Valley.

It was another 1-1 Saturday for the Lady Jeffs, but, as was the case last weekend, the win came when it counted most. This time, the Jeffs defeated NESCAC rival Hamilton in impressive fashion before falling to a talented New Paltz squad.

The victory pulled the Jeffs back up to an even 2-2 in conference play.

On the road in Clinton, N.Y., the Lady Jeffs took on the Continentals, who came into the match at 6-7, in the first of two contests on Saturday, Sept. 29.

After fighting my way through a horde of armored war-beasts, greedily snatching fallen gold and weapons and narrowly avoiding death, I looked to my clock and realized with surprise that two hours had passed. That sums up my experience with Torchlight 2, an action role-playing game and the sequel to Runic Games’ Torchlight. While you don’t need to have played the original to enjoy this sequel, Torchlight 2 dramatically improves just about every aspect of its predecessor.