I am not a member of a fraternity. Nor do I think that frats are an absolutely essential component to our conversations about sexual respect at the College. I am, however, a student worker in the Archives and Special Collections within Frost Library, which gives me familiarity with something of which many Amherst students are ignorant: institutional memory.

I was very surprised to receive the e-mail sent by President Martin on October 18twith the subject line “President Martin’s Statement on Sexual Assault.” This email led me to the first-person account written by Angie Epifano published in The Amherst Student the day before that. I was horrified and dismayed reading her account of what transpired following her May 2011 assault. Her letter eventually led me to Dana Bolger’s website, “it happens here,” and her blog posting at ACVoice. In Ms.

It was the Sunday night before class, and confusion reigned supreme on campus. With Hurricane Sandy set to make landfall in several hours, students stayed up late waiting for information about classes the next day. Confused Facebook messages flew back and forth. Some students announced defeat in the waiting game and decided they were just going to skip class for their own safety in spite of forthcoming news.

I love horror movies. Unfortunately, it seems like I’m increasingly alone in this statement — not that I can blame people for a lack of interest in a genre that self-cannibalizes and generally trades character identification and suspense for cardboard cut-outs and shock value. That being said, the number of horror films, including “Psycho,” “Jaws” and of course, “Halloween,” that are affectionately deemed cinema classics is larger than you may think. Are these, however, really the only films worthy of coming back to when looking for a scare?

The first step to keeping warm is keeping dry. Peacoats are a fall/winter staple for good reason. Find a good one and you’ll be wearing it throughout all walks of life. Cheap ones will fall apart eventually — pointless for an item you can expect to wear for decades. Just make sure the fit is flattering.

A drama about vampires, werewolves, vampire/werewolf hybrids, witches and ghosts, “The Vampire Diaries” is currently in its fourth season, airing on The CW on Thursdays at 8 p.m. The show revolves around the unfortunate life of high school student Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and the horror and havoc that are wreaked on her hometown of Mystic Falls as a result of the constant presence of the supernatural.

I scoured the Internet for fresh games in preparation to write a game review for this week’s issue of The Student. Even with my computer’s dated hardware I figured I would find a new(ish) title that would pique my interest and be worth sharing with the Amherst community. Several titles caught my eye, yet before I reached for my wallet, I took a look at games I had played and reviewed so far. Few of them place significant emphasis on narrative in a fulfilling way. Instead, the story often serves as an exposition to justify gameplay.